Friday, August 14, 2015

Transformers: Prime Robots In Disguise Arcee Part 3

Auto-morph-supported simplification

Double feature, double transformation. ^^

Transforming the Robots in Disguise version of "Transformers: Prime" Arcee this time, after introducing the transformation sequence of her "First Edition" self in the previous posting. ^^

The blaster and blade weapon mounted on Arcee's side fairings need to be detached first.

The side stand is retracted.

Either side fairing is untabbed from the body.

While the previous step to unlock the side fairings is identical to that of the "First Edition" version, flipping the parts all the way to the front to form Arcee's wings is new. ^^

(Like) Unlike her "First Edition" version, each arm needs to be untabbed from the motorcycle's body before it can be expanded.
(Right) Each arm is slid downward via the shoulder joint.

A comparison between the lowered right shoulder and its left side that has yet to be transformed.

The arms are all done at this stage. ^^
To give Arcee a better robot mode look and more poseability to the shoulders, the arms need not be lowered actually - just forget the previous step that is. XD

A very similar transformation step as her "First Edition" self but with a twist (literally XD), bending and stretching the legs backward while tabbing the waist in place to straighten the lower body would also trigger the automorph feature of the figure, resulting in the reveal of Arcee's head. ^^

A closer look at the automorph feature of the head's transformation.

The front section of the motorcycle is hinged backward for about 45 degrees.

The backpack's hinge joint, not the windscreen limits how low the backpack can be positioned on Arcee's back. ^^;

The front wheel has its own hinge joint that allows it to be pulled outward and positioned behind the backpack.

The front wheel is rotated for 90 degrees using its fork tube.

The completed backpack is definitely not shy in reminding you how large and outward-protruding it looks behind the figure. ^^;

A few more steps involving the legs to go before the transformation is done for Arcee. ^^

Another very similar transformation step as her "First Edition" self but with a twist: the legs are split apart right down the middle - including the rear wheel.
Instead of top and bottom halves, the wheel is separated into left and right halves for this version. ^^

A simplification of the foot transformation: each foot is bent downward at its ankle joint, before each wheel half is rotated inward into the opening on each leg for 180 degrees.
Amazingly, the ankle bend is also a one-click flip, and the ankle joint is just as tough as that on the "First Edition" version. ^^

Unlike the "First Edition" version, there's no tab inside the leg armor to hold the wheel half in place, so it can still rotate. ^^

All done for Arcee's transformation. ^^

Besides having the same slot on either forearm to mount the blade weapon in two different styles, the open fist can be used as a connector slot as well, although the blade looks really weird as a handheld weapon. ^^;

As mentioned in Part 2, the two different handles beneath the blaster allows for two configuration methods on the figure's hand.

The handle beneath the blaster's stock sits a bit too far out to the back in my opinion. The exposed wrist area doesn't give a convincing look that the blaster is an integrated extension of the forearm. ^^;

As the handle size is compatible with the forearm slot, the blaster can also be shown as a forearm-mounted cannon. ^^

Returning the blaster to its motorcycle mode mounting slot on the side of the wheel, the latter can be lifted to show the blaster as a back-mounted cannon ^^ ...

... or as a mere storage point to hold the blaster when it's not used ^^ ...

... if you don't mind further increasing the bulky look of the backpack that is. ^^;

While the transformation design is much simpler than that of her "First Edition" self, this Robots in Disguise version of Arcee is certainly packed with plenty of weapon configuration options, which reminds me of the very fun Rumble from the same series. ^^

Going back to the "First Edition" version to focus on her robot mode look and details in the next posting. ^^

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