Monday, February 9, 2009

Binal-Tech BT-22 Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10 Part 3 [Final]

Huhhuh~ Wasted for a week ^^;

Part 3 will be the last part of my review on Binal-Tech BT-22 Convoy.

Overall, I think this Convoy looks much better in its vehicle mode than the robot mode. ^^; It's not obvious when you look at him from the front, but from the back, with all the car's parts hanging, all in red some more, it would seemed that the transformation is too simple and the vehicle mode is still too obvious for Convoy.

In vehicle mode, when you look at the bottom of the car, all of Convoy's parts are showing and you can guess how it's going to transform; in robot mode, when you look at the back, all of the truck's parts are showing and you can guess how it's going to transform as well XD

Then again, it's still very beautiful.

The Kiss Players version has yellow eyes, this Binal-Tech has blue ones.

The dashboard is still visible, ^^; and the huge windscreen on the back is my least favorite parts for the robot mode.

The all-too important Autobots crest is only printed on both shoulders.

With the overall design emphasizing the vehicle more than the robot mode, I didn't expect Convoy to be as articulate as he actually turns out to be. It even has more movable joints than Transformers Movie 2007 Optimus Prime ^^

Movable parts include the head, waist, pelvis, knee (double joint), feet, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger. While each finger for the larger Movie 2007 version is movable, it loses out to this Convoy with its lack of waist and wrist joints.

Movable fingers

Although it has many joints, Convoy is not really good at holding many action poses actually. Because of the many metal parts on its body, weight is a huge issue. The most obvious weakness is the legs. The back of the legs (the cargo bed) is entirely metal, while the front (knee and feet for the robot mode) are plastic, so when bent, the weight from behind is too much for the feet joint to handle.

Maybe it's coolest pose is standing "just-like-that" in the first picture above ^^;

Stands a little taller than MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0 (average MG height), but weights at least ten of the later I suppose :D

All good stuff as mentioned all this while, there are some weaknesses as well, for those who are thinking of getting this as well. Some of the flaws as observed on this Binal-Tech:

The hand just can't grip the gun well. ^^; The weapon just keeps on dropping out of the hand.
Should have had a plug designed (like that on Gunplas) to allow the weapon to be pinned to the palm.

The bumper keeps on falling due to its weight.
The bumper are made of metal but the joints are plastic. An obvious outcome ^^;

Who's coming next?

Hohoho ^^

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Binal-Tech BT-22 Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10


Anonymous said...

although they had made many variations of Convoy, I still like the original one from the cartoons back in the 80's.:)

Ngee Khiong said...


Oh yeah, the most original Convoy is definitely the best. Would be nice to get the Masterpiece version ^^