Thursday, February 26, 2009

FW Gundam STANDart Kampfer

The last legacy of my Nokia 6600

My third Kampfer after its MG, HGUC (yet to be assembled) and BB Senshi version (yet to be assembled as well). This is also the first Gundam gashapon I purchased as well. ^^

Kampfer is one of the four figures in Vol. 3 of the series, and is the only one I'm interested in ^^

Got it the same time as Binaltech Convoy, and unlike that Transformers action figure, I didn't have much intention of buying it in the first place, but as I walked around the store after seeing it, the box kept on flashing before my eyes, and the pressure of leaving the store without him was a bit too much for me at that moment.

So, even though I knew well that it was expensive to purchase this gashapon at that store, I paid for it anyway. I stuck a good deal for Convoy, but lost out on STANDart Kampfer. Maybe I can call it square with that store then? ^^;

As the name suggests, Fusion Works' Gundam STANDart series features various MSs in merely standing position, most of the time, with all their weapons loaded - full arms mode.

That also means articulation is very minimum for these STANDart figures. And I said minimum, not zero. ^^

I like the idea of MSs in just plain standing pose very well. For my own Gunplas, no matter how well articulated they are, they always end up with the "standing-just-like-that" pose in my collection, in the standby mode as some would call it. Somehow I feel that that's the best pose for an MS, especially Zeon MSs. Just personal preference of course ^^

This STANDart figure stands 9cm tall (from feet to the tip of the blade antenna) and 10cm when equipped with the Giant Baz. The main attraction for me is the paint scheme and the details.

Painted in lighter blue than shown on the box art.

Nicely printed markings of Zeon and the Cyclops Team. Warning markings can be seen on either front leg armor as well.

Best part: yellow and silver inside all the thrusters on the shoulders, backpack and legs. The tiny thrusters on the body and head are painted as well, without the silver interior though.

Many parts on this STANDart Kampfer, including all the joints, interior of all the major thrusters, the neck area, hands, part of the feet armor and the shotgun are painted in silver, and they turn out to be really cool. ^^ Not sure if I want to use the same color scheme for my HGUC though ^^;

As mentioned above, articulation is minimum, not zero, because a few parts on Kampfer are movable. The head, shoulder, upper arm, wrist and mount rack for the Giant Baz are movable. Better than nothing, but not much point either, since his body is pretty much immobile completely. I tried turning the pelvis joints, but it almost seemed as if the whole leg is going to break off at that critical joint, so I didn't pursue on that.

With BB Senshi Gundam NT-1, definitely not suitable to be displayed together. XD

Another advantage: doesn't require much space in my overpopulated display cabinet ^^;

STANDart Kampfer is definitely not something you would play around with now and then. "Standing-just-like-that" is the best thing he can do. XD If you like gashapon or trading figures from the mecha series, or happens to be a loyal supporter of Zeon, STANDart Kampfer is for you. ^^

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FW Gundam STANDart Kampfer FW Gundam STANDart Kampfer


Q said...

NK get at least one Kampfer started! XD I've got my HGUC Kampfer sprayed painted white + pearl white coating (built last month), and oh boy it looks sleek~

Ngee Khiong said...


A white Kampfer? I have to go and see that ^^

Q said...

No problem! Link for you here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this review. Not much info on the net for these guys. Not in English anyway.