Sunday, February 22, 2009

FG Exia Part 3

Saving the best to the last

Applicable to building and painting Gunpla too ^^

As mentioned previously, two new colors are used to complete the paint job for this FG Exia:

- Metallic Green (from BB Senshi Sangokuden set or GM18): All panels of Exia's GN Drive and Condensers on the chest (x1), head (x3 with sensor on the forehead), leg (x2), and forearm (x2).

- Light Blue (from SEED Destiny Vol. 1 set or Gundam Double O Vol. 1 set): All GN Stripes on the head (x2), torso (x2), upper arm (x2), forearm (x2), thigh (x2), and leg (x2).

The number in the brackets indicates how many spots need to be painted in each respective colors for each body part. Seems quite a lot of parts, but I really enjoy the process very much. ^^ This is the debut for the Metallic Green marker from my BB Senshi Sangokuden set since I bought it last year. It's definitely a very beautiful color, and quite shiny too. ^^

I planned it out before starting on this Gunpla actually, since I have all HG 1/144, 1/100 (x2 with Avalanche Exia included), and BB Senshi versions of Exia. This is the only version without clear parts for its GN Drives. It's the version without much articulation and weapons to pose with as well. So, I wanted it to have a feature which the other versions don't. Metallic Green on various parts will help him to stand out more in my opinion.

Furthermore, when I realize I had to paint the cone on the back white, I was more convinced about the choice of color, since a layer of Gundam Marker would be very helpful for the layer of green on the circle of the cone to dry faster. Why waste such a good spot anyway?

Green shows Exia's GN Drive in activation mode. The normal color would be black, which is an awfully dull color. ^^; Fluorescent Green (GM15) is not bad as well, but it won't be consistent with the Metallic Green I painted for the cone on the back, mentioned in Part 2.

Light blue is the most specific color for Exia. You can paint the GN Drive black if you don't have green, but there's no substitute for light blue. Worst, there's no individual Gundam Marker for that color as well. Quite troublesome actually, even though it's a unique color for Exia and his buddies (along with the design of soft rubbery part for the GN Stripes on HG and 1/100 scale Gunplas).

You can use the stickers of course, but the biggest problem is that quite a few spots are missing - the head (x2), torso (x2) and the back of the forearm (x2). Also, the stickers for the GN Stripe of the upper arm only cover one face of it, which is incomplete.

The reason why I end up using the marker from SEED Destiny set is because I couldn't find Gundam Double O Vol. 1 set. ^^; But it's not for this kit only of course, all my 1/100 Gundams from Season 1 need it, as well as MG Destiny, Force Impulse, and the BB Senshi versions for each.

The coolest feature about the marker is that it has fine tip.

Yellow from the same set has fine tip as well.

All my other Gundam Markers have flat tips instead. I'm not sure if the one from Gundam Double O Vol. 1 set has the same feature as well.

Also, if you're interested in getting this marker, make sure you emphasize it's from Vol. 1 of either Gundam Double O or SEED Destiny set. Both series has Vol. 2 for your information. So you have to be very specific or you might get the wrong set which doesn't come with this color.

I've have been very long-winded again ^^;

Head - Metallic Green for the GN Condensers is easy enough, but light blue for the GN Stripes isn't. There's no clear separation between the parts to be painted and the white helmet, so my GN Stripes end up to be quite wide ^^; But as long as they aren't messy for such small parts, I'm fine with it.

Body - the biggest part to be painted with Metallic Green, but has the smallest parts of all for light blue at the same time. XD

OK not too hard. ^^

Legs - Not hard as well, but extreme caution requited. You have to be sure of which two GN Condensers are facing outward and need be painted. Since all four parts of the leg look almost identical, you might end up with two panels on a single leg if you got carried away by the bling-bling of your marker. ^^; No kidding

For a hopelessly forgetful person like me, a mark of indication is safer.
See the golden tick inside the leg? XD

Completed, with light blue GN Stripe between the stream of the armors as well.

Also, my compliment to the part separation for this FG. The GN Stripes are molded on just one side of the two parts, so you won't get an ugly seam line right in the middle. The same feature can be found on the body, thigh and forearm as well.

Thigh, upper arm & forearm: Mainly light blue for the stripes. Only the forearms need Metallic Green as there are two more GN Condensers on them. The GN Stripes for the upper arm need to be painted on all four faces, since they'll all be exposed.

Completed! With the head as well ^^

Conceded Zero for the foil sticker given this time ^^

After the painting, leave all the parts to dry for some time. In my case, quite a long time actually, since I tend to leave the most fun part to the last, which is assembling the model. That would definitely be the easiest part of all the work I believe.

I still have one model which I started on and off for these few months. I'll be discussing about my work on that before returning to this FG Exia.


Anonymous said...

With the paint details your FG now look more like HG.

How did you get the paint to cover on so smoothly? i remember gundam marker white GM11 doesn't still shows a bit of base color even after several layers (until it becomes thick and yucky). Your GN drive white looks really 'white' without base color showing.

You should write a manual on 'how to color with gundam markers ONLY' haha

you must have spent a lot of time cleaning up spilt color rite?

Ngee Khiong said...


Thanks very much. ^^

Actually I did wrote up a bit of a guide to using Gundam Markers in the previous review on Koumei ReGZ, based on my own experience:

I planned out the color before painting so that a new layer of paint can cover up the spill over from the previous layer - minimize of the work required for cleaning up later. Very useful for models that required a lot of painting like this FG Exia ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey Ngee,

I was wondering for the "light blue" parts on Exia, are they really that bright and high intensity?? I am building my HG 1/144 version, so I was just wondering about the colour of those parts.


Ngee Khiong said...


High intensity? ^^;

The light blue is quite bright, yes. It's same color as you see on the head of the marker.

The rubbery GN Stripes of the HG version is a bit purplish. This one is really light blue ^^

Unknown said...

excuse me,mr.ngee where can i get the paints i'm from malaysia and i can't find it anywhere do you have any suggestions for me by using other paints