Sunday, February 1, 2009

Binal-Tech BT-22 Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10 Part 2

After the basic transformation yesterday, let's have a look at the transformation for Convoy.

Like the experience I had with Transformers Movie 2007 Optimus Prime, sme very simple step in the transformation sequence can become very confusing. Not because the instruction manual is poor, not because one couldn't understand Japanese, but the same attitude in handling Gunplas is really not applicable sometimes when playing with Transformers ^^;

Some time you really have to put in a lot of strength pulling out some parts, and get frighten here and there, getting scared that you might break the part. Of course they don't. That's the difference between Gunplas and Transformers I guess. But I can never get used to that I suppose ^^;

The radiator grille flips out to become the skirt armor.

Pull the blue parts up to reveal the feet hidden underneath them.

Rotate the blue parts to form the knee and leg armors.

Pull hard to separate the front of the truck and the cargo bed. Be prepared for a loud thud ^^;

Open the doors and separate the frame of the door from the truck's body.

Flatten the chairs inside. Two of them will form the back of the forearms, and the one in the middle will become the body.

The most confusing step: pulling out the arms.
Again, adequate amount of strength is expected. ^^ Rotate the chairs to fit the forearms.

Pull up the sunroof and flatten to form the back of Convoy.

Tilt the wheels inward and pull down the whole bonnet to form Convoy's body.

Tilt the bars of the cargo bed's door inward, and pull out the leg thrusters (?)

Separate the legs.

Final steps: fold the bumpers to become Convoy's shoulders, and rotate the head to the front

Transformation of the handgun. Just a few flips here and there. The easiest component in the whole process :D

Simple enough? I remember the first time transforming the big guy, it took me more than an hour, and half of the time was spent staring between the half-transformed Convoy and the manual wondering how to proceed. ^^; Maybe I was slow at understanding the manual. After the first and second tries, I could do it in less than ten minutes.

Sexiest Convoy? ^^

Articulation and action coming up in Part 3.


Gunstray said...

Looks kinda fat for me, though transformation attracts me though-_-;

Q said...

Wow it still requires less than 10 minutes to transform? This surely sounds sophisticated! @_@

Gunstray said...

@Q:Sophisticated=GooD waste of timeXD

Ngee Khiong said...


I'm still not used to being forceful to the figure at certain steps in the transformation, so would still stop here and there ^^;