Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The All Exia Project Part 9 [Final]

The end ... ?

Panel-lined most of the parts in the previous review, two more components to go to conclude the work on all the parts selected for my All Exia Project ^^

Panel-lined the helmets, which were completed in Part 5.

No panel-line for the yellow vernier on the sideburns to avoid the color being becoming messy.

Black beneath the forehead is something I do regular for all my Gundam-type Gunplas. ^^

More details to panel-line on Astraea's helmet as compared to Exia's. Some of them can be quite hard to reach for being in very narrow space.

Panel-lined the back of the shield completed in Part 4

Showing you the parts for each of the 4 Exias, in before the other body parts ^^

Storing them in boxes. I used paper tape to secure the helmet inside the box, so that it would stay in place and not get some of its painting scratched off when stored later on.

Parts for HG 1/144 Exia

Parts for 1/100 Exia

Parts for 1/100 Avalanche Exia

Parts for 1/100 Astraea

Speaking of which, there is a bit of differences between Exia and Astraea's chest rings. They are so similar to each other when I first look at them, I thought Astraea will be using the same part as Exia. Not till Quentin told me that there's another chest ring for Astraea that is. ^^;

While the ring is the same, the major differences between the two can be observed from the base for the secondary V Fin near the collar. Astraea has two smaller protruding parts, which Exia lacks, and the V Fin is to be fixed in place; which Exia's is movable.

On the inside, Exia's chest piece has two pins to insert into the base of the GN Drive on its backpack. It's the opposite for Astraea though. It has two sockets instead, waiting the pins from the backpack to snap into them instead ^^

Sockets on Exia's backpack, pins on Astraea's

So, the more important question is, are they compatible? Let's try them out ^^

(1) Astraea's chest ring on Exia's backpack

Socket type chest ring on socket type backpack. Perfectly compatible, but can't really snap onto each other. That's fine actually, because the major joints are on the body's frame actually. Those joints will still be able to bind the chest ring and backpack in place.

(2) Exia's chest ring on Astraea's backpack

Pin type chest ring on pin type backpack. Luckily enough, the pins are not facing each other directly, so you can insert both parts into each other, no problem, but the backpack would stand a little taller than the chest ring in front.

I haven't try putting everything together, so I won't be able to tell exactly if they can snap well onto each other. Even if they don't, the remedy won;t be too hard I think - just cut out a bit of parts from the collar on Astraea's backpack to allow Exia's pins to fit in more accurately.

Can't confirm on that though, until I try it out myself ^^

Finally, "packaging" :D

Putting them into different boxes from the helmet. These are much bigger parts, so the chances of scratching off the colors would be less.
Even if that happens, painting the holes on them would be much easier than the helmets ^^;

Paper and clear tape to secure parts of the head inside the boxes.

Storing everything in their respective boxes until they are to be summoned again.

The end of The All Exia Project.







The GN Sword is still bugging them X_X

A sequel to the All Exia Project under planning ... I think ^^;


Evaritus Lau said...

"The GN Sword is still bugging them X_X"

This is the hint of next sequel all Exia project. ;)

Justice1 said...

nope, you can't put the chest rings together... i already tried it... the length is kinda different...
btw, do you know about the 1/100 roll out color version??

Unknown said...

You've probably answered this before, but how do you get such nice panel lines? Mine always look like a disaster!

Anonymous said...

Wow...Deja vu. Like watching

"The childhood of humankind ends"

on the screen. Coincidentally, are you going to continue the All Exia Plan at 2010?

MARTIN said...

Ngee- it's on you to inspire me to make a Trans-Am Avalanche (if I can find the paints!) so I'm really looking forward to seeing your standard Avalanche assembled!

Daymien said...

what about trans-am exia and Rollout colour, dun u plan to buy them?

Q said...

@ Daymien:
Since Rollout ver is a limited release, I doubt it's easily purchased except from online auctions etc.

Aeon said...

A store near where I live has at least 5 Roll-out 1/100 in stock, Dunno if you're talking about 1/144.

AstrayP03 said...

Yo NK, what did you use to paint the blue GN stripes? can't seem to find the right shade of light blue... =(

Ngee Khiong said...


Oh too bad, but I'll try it anyway.

I'm looking for the roll-out color actually, but since I have two 1/100 scale Exias already, and that the MG version is coming, it's not my top priority. I'm hoping that there's a 1/144 scale roll-out color instead, so that I don't get to repeat many of the steps again. ^^;


Try using pens like Sakura Pigma Micron 0.05 and Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment 0.1, especially the later. I've been using it ever since I first panel-lining my models. It works very fine. ^^


The whole project will probably be done this year, not including the individual model. ^^

But if all the models are counted, yeah, it might go into 2010 or later, since we don't know how many Exia's variations are coming in MG format. ^^;


Thanks for your support. ^^

Avalanche Exia won't be that soon I think.

>>Daymien, Q & Aeon

Definitely no Trans-Am. ^^; Roll-out color maybe, if I can find any of them in my place.


Try Gundam Marker Light Blue from SEED Destiny Vol. 1 set