Monday, May 4, 2009

MG Destiny Part 9

Picking out the details to show

Onto the body now ^^

Plenty of details for the collar. Luckily the protruding parts have wide enough space in between for my panel liner to go for the details around them. So, a lot of details as it is, the collar is not a hard part to panel-line - not as hard as I imagine it would be at the beginning.

About the size of a 10 cent coin.

No pistons and hydraulic pipes can escape my gold and silver markers XD - applicable to the two little ones inside the part that pulls the shoulder joint. Gundam Marker and Pilot Super Color Extra Fine markers are going to cause a flood inside such a small part, so I used normal gold and silver pen instead, for much more accurate result.

Can even panel-line the little pipe to separate the two colors painted ^^

Panel-line the inner frame for the chest block as well:

For the armor pieces (every armor for the entire model), you get very rich details behind them, another signature feature for SEED/SEED Destiny MGs. Although I like abundant of details on my models, I'm not a big fan of details behind armor pieces though. I never bothered to check for anything behind them, so panel-lining them is really not in my plan.

Moreover, I'm the type that would never take off the armors once they are on, so panel-lining them is even more of an unnecessary step for me.

So, picking the details to be shown, I only panel-line the details that might be seen when the model is assembled, like these parts for the body armor:

Near the cockpit hatch - might be seen when viewed from the side.

Neck area - definitely visible behind the head.

As you can see, I left the details beneath the neck area completely untouched. ^^;

Details on the back.

Pegs and hinges can keep the armors in place, but the main joints to lock the armors are still on the inner frame.

Will try something outrageous in the next review. ^^


Evaritus Lau said...

Wah that part to shoulder's piston is so narrow leh, I can't make do paintjob that tidy leh, respect bro for that !


Ngee Khiong said...


Thanks thanks. By using normal pen for the painting, it's not that hard actually. ^^