Monday, May 25, 2009

MG Destiny Part 13

Back to Gunpla-ing after a few days with my new possessions ... ^^

Prevention is better than cure

Yup, I always believe in that.

Applicable to Gunpla too ^^

When you know that something is not going to work before the final assembly, I'm sure you'll deal with it before encountering it (again) when you're supposed to be enjoying the fun of assembling all the parts later on. And that's exactly what I'll be talking about in this review.

Mention about this particular component in Part 12. Do you know which part is that? ^^

Answer: the cockpit hatch.

On the manual,

It's smooth, perfect.

For my MG Destiny,

Shin's feet is kicking the door all the time, making it impossible to close the door properly ^^;

Initially, I thought it was my painting of the pilot figure that caused the problem. Maybe the painting is too thick and the feet became bigger than the original part. But another friend of mine who recently built his Destiny has encountered the same problem as well, with no painting done on his pilot figure. So it seemed like I'm not the only person suffering from this trivial but annoying problem.

Do you have the same problem with your MG Destiny?

Nonetheless, the problem needs fixing.

The simplest way is to shave off a bit of Shin's feet to give way to the hatch door, but I didn't want to do so in the first place, because it would probably affect the look of the pilot figure. Considering the other alternative: shave off a bit of the back of the entire cockpit.

Everything is so well connected to each others, there's no room for any changes. ^^;

Going for the easiest way then. ^^; So sorry Shin. This will be your punishment for slicing off an arm from Cagalli's Akatsuki.

Chopped off a bit from the feet of the pilot figure, until there's no more parts standing out of the cockpit hatch anymore.

All well now. I actually did it wrongly in showing the cockpit hatches - the upper one should be covering the door beneath it. But the important point is how well it can close, before and after.

Now I can really say that all the work before the final assembly is done ^^


Justice1 said...

how come?? my destiny didn't have problem like that... it closes perfectly...

Gunstray said...

@Justice: It might be the cockpit customization NK did a while ago.

Tachikaze said...

Mine closes perfectly as well, myself you just need to push him in more?

Anonymous said...

@Tachikaze: yep ur right..mine closes perfectly too..coz after painting my shinn, i totally jammed him in and voila..perfect closure..

Ngee Khiong said...

Probably I didn't stick Shin in as much as he can (and should be). I was afraid to damage the painting did on it, so I applied very little force putting him in there.