Friday, May 1, 2009

MG Destiny Part 8

Most painting on a single component so far

And the honor goes to the backpack thruster unit ^^

From the box's image, only the interior of the thrusters should be in red, while its exterior is gray. The interior of its cover should be in red. The two parts involved, the twin thruster and cover are molded entirely in red and gray respectively. So plenty of painting for the two of them.

Optional as they are, I painted them according to the manual, plus a tiny-biny bit of my own coloring preference as well. Will show you the result at the end of this review.

More gold for pipe-like design on this MG ^^

Five pipes inside each of the four parts that form the two mount racks for the anti-ship sword and beam launcher are all painted in gold. The parts are obviously very narrow for Gundam Marker to go in, so I relied on Pilot Super Color Extra Fine Gold to do the job. Looks pretty good to me after panel-lining ^^

If you're concerned that those painting might get scratched off when the two weapons come in, worry not. The anti-ship sword and the beam launcher mounts on the "other side" of the parts, and will never touch any of the golden pipes.

The bad thing is, once the mount rack is assembled, you won't see much of the pipes either ^^;

Painted the few verniers on the exterior of those mount racks in gray as well. Not exactly noticeable after panel-lining ^^;

The painted backpack thrusters and cover:

Gray for the exterior, panel-line, and a little bit of gold for the nozzle inside. Painted the nozzle in gold is to be consistent with the thrusters at the bottom of the leg (see Part 2). That's the little personal preference mentioned earlier on.

For the cover, quite a bit of red is needed. And then, panel-lining the "teeth" inside the cover can be quite a tedious work for your eyes. But since the cover is going to be assembled onto the thrusters, anything left without touch up on the opposite side of the cover is going to be hidden anyway, so quite a bit of pressure of cleaning them up has being lifted there ^^

Partially assembled backpack, with panel-line armor as well:

Moving on to the body next.


Gunstray said...

Wow I havent seen this much effort on just one MG component, Thats pretty impressive btw.

Ngee Khiong said...


Thanks. ^^ Not finish yet.