Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1/100 Astray Red Frame Part 7

Gerbera Straight, sanjo!

Quite a long halt between this review and the last one. ^^; Actually I've got all the images ready yet no time to write up anything about them, and the problematic connection at home for the last few days wasn't helpful at all.

Anyway, finishing up on the katana ^^

Painted the other side of the tsuba (hand guard) in gold when the first part has dried and I could use a paper clip to hold it for the painting.

Painted gray for the handle using Gundam Marker Gray from SEED Basic Set.
I only gave it two panel lines - where the handle meets the gold parts on both ends.

Assembling the blade, handle and hand guard. No glue is used, so that the blade can be detached in the future.
I just relied on the two pegs on the handle plus the hand guard to lock the two pieces together.

No panel-line for the diamonds on the handle - while those diamonds are alright, the red line that connects all of them is too small for any panel-liner I have not to cover it up after the task. In the end, the red line would become a black line instead ^^;

Learned from experience with my HG 1/144 Astray Red Frame.

Gerbera Straight, sanjo! ^^

17.5cm in length ^^

Comparison with the katana from my HG version. Major improvement in terms of color accuracy.

Closeup on the hand guard, a part which I did poorly for the previous HG version.

Comes with a option palm large enough to fit the scabbard near the koiguchi area, but it's too big to actually grasp it.

Comparison with MG Shin Musha's blade - shorter, with elevation on the body, but no hamon or tang either.
Overall, not as decorative as 1/100 Astray Red Frame's. ^^

Since I've not built the model yet, I'll ask another Gundam to demonstrate the katana for this review ^^

A practice for my MG Gundam Ver. OYW to allow me to see how fierce he can be as Shin Musha.

The katana is alright, but MG Gundam Ver. OYW's tab on his hand prevents him from using the katana right. The advantage though, is his MG-styled hand which allows him to grasp the scabbard while posing with the katana, an advantage 1/100 Astray Red Frame can never have.

With the katana done, I'm all done with the work on Astray Red Frame. I'll let all the parts dry a little longer before actually assembling them. Will move on to another Gunpla soon ^^


redmage20386 said...

nice job!

for the diamond, you could use washing method, but its quite hard to do for the first time

SamLysne said...

Nice to see how the katana measures up to Shin Musha's since as soon as I build my 1/100 Red Frame (just got it a couple days ago), I intend to have it squaring off against my MG Shin Musha.

ed said...

wont the grey on the handle be scratched off when the red frame holds it? =\

Necro said...

How did you accomplish getting such a neat paint job?

neosonic said...

Ngee, how do you use a mere gundam marker to paint the tsuba?
Did you intentionally drop the gold paint and use the toothpick?
How do you do that?
I'm going to do this kit as well, so I need to learn from you.
Thanks, sensei

Ngee Khiong said...


I'll just stick to my Gundam Markers for now XD


Gerbera Straight is way more beautiful than Shin Musha's katana ^^


1/100 Red Frame's hand is the typical gripped fingers and palm snap-together design. Once the handle is secured in the hand, it won't scratch off the paint that easily.

The paint will suffer higher risk of being scratched off with the MG-type hands.

>>Necro & neosonic

Thanks for your compliments. ^^

I just used Gundam Markers for the whole paint work. I didn't get to use any toothpick this time XD - paint and scratch off excessive paint only.

The reviews on the painting is in Part 5, 6 and 7.

neosonic said...

Ngee.. I will order gundam marker ultra thin with this kit.
It has 6 colored markers, with 1 mm tip.
Are you using that one as well?
Basically, you panel line the whole entire model with red.. if you want to..

Guthem said...

Thanks for share all parts of this build!