Monday, November 5, 2012

Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark II Part 2

Tony Stark with a long neck

After the long introduction yesterday, this posting will focus on the option parts included in this Sci-fi Revoltech set and more images of the figure to examine its details.

Mark II and all of its accessories.

Minus the standard RevolContainer, there are just six option parts included for Mark II. ^^;

Very nicely painted option head part of Tony Stark.
This same option part is included for Mark III as well.

Very simple part-swapping to get Tony Stark's option head part onto Mark II's neck joint.

In closeups, the option head part actually looks pretty good on the figure, but ...

... from a distance, the head looks completely disproportionate with the body. ^^;

It's Tony Stark with an elongated neck. ^^;

Two pairs of option hand units plus the default pair of closed fists from the figure itself.

A pair of spread palms.

Another pair of hands with closed fingers.

The default pair of closed fists.
The repulsor in the middle of the palm is not painted on the closed fist.

All hand units have the same peg slot to connect to the wrist joint.

A typical name plate featuring the character name and movie origin.
There's no display base given to hold the name plate though.

Given the super short option part list, everything can be stored inside the RevolContainer.

A huge attraction of the figure is the lighting gimmick for its arc reactor on the chest.
Just like the option head part of Tony Stark, this lighting gimmick is included for Mark III as well.

Bottom view of the chest reveals the LED, battery and switch.
The lighting gimmick's setup is extremely simple and looks kind of fragile too. ^^;

A tiny plastic stripe on the battery needs to be removed before the LED can be activated.

With the LED turned on.

While it looks blue in the images above, it's actually white light from the LED, and it's super shiny and bright. ^^

Looking at its brightness, the figure's LED might be able to serve as a torch in desperate times. XD

More images of Sci-fi Revoltech Mark II:

Closeups on the details:






The two thrusters beneath the feet can be used to connect to the effect part included with Mark VI to show Mark II in flight poses.

The rivets are marks of Mark II being a prototype in "Iron Man", and there are tons of them on this figure. ^^ The entire chest piece is rigged with rivets, which extends all the way till the back of the figure. The upper arms, forearms and thighs have quite a lot of rivets as well. I don't think they are that obvious-looking on the suit from the movie though, but given this is a rather small scaled figure, it would be very difficult to make them smaller yet still clearly visible I suppose. Still, I always remember rivets used on armor plates of tanks or fighter planes from the old days, laid in abundance and more gloriously than that on this figure. ^^ The linkage between war machines from the past with this futuristic sci-fi armor suit seems rather interesting to me. ^^

The lighting gimmick is a nice feature of the figure. The arc reactor is no doubt a key element to Iron Man's design, so the ability to show it lighting up on this figure is very cool to see. Between Mark II and Mark III, I think the lighting gimmick is more important to this figure. It wasn't involved in any combat sequences that required the deployment of weapons, so no option part is needed for that purpose. For Mark III, I'm willing to trade the lighting gimmick with option parts like missile launcher for the forearm, flaps for the backpack to show its thrusters, or perhaps a damaged chest piece to replicate some scenes from the movie. For the convenience of reusing certain parts between the two releases I think, Mark II and Mark III were made without changes to their lighting gimmick and option part list.

Then again, thanks to that, I had no problem picking Mark II over the other one for the purchase. XD

On a separate note, you will notice that a Figma stand was used to support Mark II in the image set above. As a simple humanoid figure, standing up (properly) shouldn't be a problem at all for Mark II, but unfortunately, I tried hard but just couldn't get the Revoltech joint of the left ankle to be in the correct "click" for the entire figure to stand up properly. ^^; It's always one click "more", resulting in the figure leaning back, or vice versa. ^^; It's a common annoying feature of Revoltech action figures, which is usually temporary, because the moment you manage to get the right "click" for such stubborn joints, the problem will be gone. ^^ Unfortunately for Mark II, I just couldn't find that "magical touch". ^^;

A look at the figure's articulation design next. ^^

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Nice review! May I ask if you have an idea how to remove the battery from the body? Thanks! -Ben