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Transformers ROTF Deluxe Class Arcee Part 2

Would you ride on a pink superbike?

A look at "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" Deluxe Class Arcee in superbike mode after the previous posting on Chromia. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom views:

Unlike Chromia, Arcee's motorcycle mode is classified as a sport bike: Ducati 848. ^^

Image is from Sport Rider Magazine.

Interestingly, bright red is Ducati 848's default color it seems. That explained the color choice of Arcee in the second Transformers movie. ^^ However, you won't be getting that fancy bright red superbike with this Deluxe Class figure though, but a pink one instead. ^^ I wonder if Ducati ever produced a pink version of Model 848, or maybe certain owners of the bike who are also fans of Arcee custom painted theirs in pink to show their support for the character. ^^ Looking at this figure, pink is indeed a very eye-catching color for the bike, but would you ride on one in this color? Probably not. ^^

Much like Chromia, there are a lot of nice details on the bike. ^^ For some unknown reason, there are shades of glossy light gray (?) with sparking effect on the fuel tank and part of the fairings, which looks pretty cool. ^^ The two large Cybertronian symbols printed on both sides of the fairings look pretty interesting as well.

On the flip side, the splits between certain movable parts on the bike are quite obvious to detect. The splits on the fairings are hints that there are movable parts incorporated in that component. Look closely and you can even find Arcee's hands sticking out behind the panels. ^^; This is the design feature on Arcee which I think is not been handled well as compared to Chromia, but it's kind of unavoidable at the same time. ^^; The fairings are pretty basically large plates of armors on both sides of the bike, unless they fold out to form some sort of wings (like those on Transformers: Prime Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee), it's almost impossible to keep them completely intact as one-piece parts between bike and robot mode. Chromia has the advantage of not having such large panels on its body, so its look in bike mode is more "intact". ^^

Arcee has her own extra part to help her to stand in robot mode. Instead of a rear stand, it's a small passenger compartment with gun turrets. ^^

The passenger compartment can be connected to Arcee via a dedicated pair of peg and slot located only on the left hand side of the bike.

Arcee with the passenger compartment attached.

Unlike Chromia's rear stand, Arcee's passenger compartment has but one function each in robot and bike mode. The latter is shown in the images above. ^^; It's a very strange-looking extra part too in my opinion. ^^; It looks too small as a passenger compartment that can hold any person, but more importantly, there's no wheel beneath it. XD It's really just an extra part meant to support Arcee in robot mode then. ^^; Still, the molded details on the entire component and painted patterns on top of it look really nice. ^^

Comparison between Chromia and "Transformers: Prime" Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee in motorcycle mode:

With Chromia from the previous posting:

Without their respective attachment on the bike.

With the option part added.

Back to Chromia in the next posting, which will be focusing on her transformation design. ^^

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