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Figma BRS2035 Part 2

The girl with the Rock Cannon

After the introduction yesterday, this posting will focus on the many option parts included in this Figma set and more images of BRS2035 to examine its details. ^^

All of Figma BRS2035's accessories.

Optional hair and face parts.

The only option face part features a "battle cry" expression. ^^

The front fringe part features Black Rock Shooter's signature clear blue flame effect part. A beautifully shaped attachment, the clear blue flame is fixed to the hair part.

Rear view of the hair part.

Typical design to swap between the face and hair parts.

Using the optional hair and face parts.

Given the default parts are completely compatible with the optional parts, you have options in configuring Black Rock Shooter's expression.
This is the optional battle expression with the default front fringe part.

This is the default emotionless expression with the optional flaming front fringe part.

BRS2035's main weapon: Rock Cannon.

Details of the weapons.

The Rock Cannon is a really huge weapon. You can see the comparison of its size against my palm in the image above. ^^
Despite its size, it's actually very light. ^^

The cannon is about 15cm in length.

BRS2035's katana-like weapon: Black Blade.

Despite the weathering effect done on the blade, the accurate color separation between the edge and ridge can be seen very easily. ^^

Five pairs of option hand units are included for BRS2035. Three of them come with hinge wrist joints while the other two only have straight wrist pegs.

A pair of open fists to hold Black Blade.
They can be used to hold Rock Cannon as well, but given how the hand units are angled at wrist level, positioning the huge cannon might be an issue later.

A pair of "straight" open fists for the weapons.

Not specialized for the cannon, the open fists can be used to hold Black Blade as well.

Another pair of "straight" open fists for the weapons.

Comparing the two pairs of open fists, you can see the presence/absence of hinge wrist joints on them.

A standard and more expressive pair of spread palms.

A standard pair of closed fists.

The default pair of spread palms.

Not one, but two Figma bases and stands are included with this figure - one for BRS2035 and another for Rock Cannon. A pair of grippers that can be found in di:stage Basic Set Black Ver. is also included.

Mounted Rock Cannon onto one of the display base.
The light weight of the weapon certainly contributes to its own stability on the stand. ^^

More images of BRS2035:

Closeups on the details:




[Arms and weapons]


The standing pose shown above is actually based on the same pose on the back of the box. Given Rock Cannon's length, it's very difficult to show BRS2035 holding it in front without distorting the figure's overall pose. So it's a lot easier showing her "dragging" the large cannon on her back instead. ^^ With Black Blade in her left hand, it's very nice to be able to get all her weapons into the standing pose. ^^

The wings behind the figure's waist are the real noticeable change to the first and TV animation versions of Black Rock Shooter in my opinion. Apart from the wings, it's still pretty much the same character I came to know and like over the years. ^^ The black bikini top, black gloves, black pants and knee high boots are all inherited from the original character design.

Despite her abnormally large and long pigtails, she's actually very thin. ^^; As a matter of fact, I think her right pigtail is larger than any one of her legs. ^^ This does create some problem in balancing the figure, even in weaponless poses. It's very hard getting her to stand properly, as she has a tendency to lean backward. ^^; When that happens, the tips of her wings would help to support the figure when they touch the surface, but the pose is already ruined. ^^; Her boots may look lovely, but they do very little to help with the figure's balance unfortunately. ^^;

Despite the balancing issue, she's still a very lovely figure. As mentioned in the previous posting, the character's eye design is the main attraction for me. However, looking at the figure up-close, there are many other details that I like as well. The shades of blue painted on her front fringe and pigtails are very nice to see, as with the white stripes painted on her jacket, boots and wings. The weathering effect done on the weapons are very impressive too. I also like the treatment of the two scars on her body very much. I remember they are just sewing scars on the original character design. On BRS2035, they seem to be barcode-like markings of some sort. Maybe this has some kind of implication in the game where the character originates from, but regardless of the story, I like the design very much. ^^

The silver dog tag and two pairs of clip buckles in front of the figure's jacket are tiny details that add a lot of points to the overall design too. ^^

I really like the color treatment given to the figure as well. Evidently, black and white are the only two colors for BRS2035's costume, but the level of color contrast on the figure actually goes beyond just black and white, as glossy/matte finishing to the black paints on different areas of the costume which helps to reinforce that image can be spotted. The jacket is in glossy black, the gloves aren't. The pants are in matte black, the belt is in glossy black. On the back. The matte finishing given to the large wings is a contrast to the back of the jacket. ^^

On top of everything, the very fair skin tone given BRS2035 is very lovely to see as well. ^^ Since she's wearing just bikini top and short pants beneath the jacket, a large section of her body and legs is exposed, ^^ so her skin tone is certainly easy to spot. ^^ The huge contrast between her body and the black costume she's wearing is "consistent" with the color contrast already existing on the latter I would say. ^^

Introduction of the figure's articulation design and the first round of action poses will be featured next. ^^

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