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Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock Battle Ver.

Third, and maybe the last?

Another cutie for this month. ^^

Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock Battle Ver.
Production company: Tamashii Nations (Bandai)
Release date: Late April 2013
Price: 3,800 Yen (exclusive of tax).
Official link

The second figurine review for this month, after ARTFX+ 1/10 Catwoman New 52, features a more familiar face on this blog. ^^ This Battle Ver. of Boa Hancock is the third figurine based of the same character, from the same figurine line to be reviewed on this blog, after the original release, and the second one that came with Salome. ^^ Unlike the previous two, this version features a more dynamic action pose for Boa Hancock, hence the label of Battle Ver. in the product name. The overall beauty of the figurine, which I think represents an improvement over the previous two releases, is the main reason behind the purchase. Then again, honestly speaking, being a fan of the character, I'm always going to be biased towards any of Boa Hancock's merchandises. ^^ Since I already have the first two figurines, there's no strong force that stopped me from getting this third normal release. ^^

Front view of the box.

Image of the figurine at the bottom right corner of the front cover.

Introduction of the Figuarts Zero figurine line, merchandising seal of Toei Animation, "One Piece" and Bandai's logos can be seen on the front cover as well.

Side views of the box.

Top and bottom views of the box.

Introduction of the figurine, and her gimmicks on the back of the box.

More images of the figurine as seen through the front window:

Closeups on the details:





[Option parts]

[Display base]

Some technical information about this figurine: besides the main figurine of Boa Hancock, the package also includes a giant clear love-shaped effect part that sort-of represent her Slave Arrow attack move, another clear part to be added to her index finger for the Pistol Kiss pose, an option face part, an option right arm, and a display base that features her name and the Kuja tribe emblem. I don't know if Boa Hancock can in fact use both Slave Arrow, and Pistol Kiss at the same time, as the effect parts could be included just to give the figurine a much more dynamic appearance, to increase her appeal. ^^

Boa Hancock's Slave Arrow move from the TV anime.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Boa Hancock using her Pistol Kiss attack.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Since I'm not planning to remove the figurine from her box, the accessories and option parts are nice bonuses that are pretty useless to me. ^^; Despite being elements that weren't available in the first two versions, they don't actively increases my liking towards the figurine herself, which is the main reason for me to get her in the first place. ^^

In terms of the figurine design, I feel that the face sculpt and detailing is better than that on the second version, but not to an amazingly noticeable level. ^^ The detailing for her eyes, and sculpt work for her snake earrings are the most obvious improved features I think, which is really not much. ^^; I suppose for the Figuarts Zero line, Tamashii Nations pretty much hit the limit of what they can do with Boa Hancock's face sculpt and detailing with the second version, so the main appeal for the third version, this one, turns to her pose, and the aforementioned accessories. ^^

According to her product page on Tamashii Web, Boa Hancock is set in her "bathrobe" pose (バスローブ姿) for this third Figuarts Zero iteration. ^^ I don't know if there's any scene of her fighting in bathrobe in the TV anime series, but the setting does allow much of her legs to be shown on this figurine, and they are very well done. ^o^ Also, because she's in her bathrobe, it's perfectly justifiable for Boa Hancock to show off her amazing bust as well. XD That's definitely a feature that many fans would appreciate. ^^

Even if her effect parts are being taken into consideration, the overall detailing for the main body is actually not as much as the second version, which features intricate detailing for her Kuja emblem filled dress, not to mention all the paint work needed for Salome, but the portrayal of a very sexy side of Boa Hancock renders the lack of such detailing unimportant I suppose. ^^

Finally, a gathering of all three Figuarts Zero figurines of Boa Hancock in my collection: ^^

Interestingly, the increase in box sizes very much represents the level of improvement detectable from the first to this latest version of Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock. ^^ As noted in the latter's review, there is a leap in the figurine's quality between the first release and the second version, while that level of improvement is somewhat minor on this third release. Also, the increase in box sizes is very much proportionate to the increase in the figurines' prices as well - the price difference is 1,000 Yen between the first and second versions, and just 300 Yen between the latter and this third release. ^^

This third version is most likely the last Boa Hancock from the Figuarts Zero figurine line for me, unless there's a brand new normal release version that is drastically different, and much better designed as compared to the present three in my collection. Given the small gap of improvements between the second and third versions, as commented earlier on, that amazing fourth version is most likely not going to happen I believe. ^^

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