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Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gouf Custom Part 8 [Final]

Revisiting the Heat Sword's size

Another round of action poses, with focus on the Heat Sword to start off this last posting for Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gouf Custom. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

A bonus sheath mounted on the backpack gives Gouf Custom the perfect "excuse" to bring two Heat Swords into combat. ^^

Finally, a comparison with another Gouf Custom figure to examine their design similarities, and differences.

Even though I do have the original HG 1/144 scale version, Master Grade, HCM-Pro, and even the BB Senshi version - all of them were showcased in the last posting of the HCM-Pro version's review series, I'm just too lazy to bring them all out (again) for comparison. ^^; For convenience, the smallest normal-proportioned version, the HCM-Pro action figure is selected to represent them all here. XD

Closeups on the details:

Comparison between the weapons:

[Gatling shield]

[Heat sword]

The Robot Damashii version's is "embarrassingly" as small as that of the HCM-Pro. The very minor extra molded details on the handle of the latter seems to be the easiest factor to distinguish between the two swords. ^^;

I guess the "bonus" of having that similarity in their swords' size is the compatibility of the weapon on both figures, as shown here with the HCM-Pro figure posing with the Robot Damashii version's sword, with no size matter at all. ^^

Then again, it's a "bonus" that is more useful for the smaller-sized figure, since I pretty much labelled that cross-figure compatibility as an "embarrassment" for the Robot Damashii version ^^;

On a more serious note, you can see the design differences between the two figures, particularly the exaggerated "fearsome factors" on the Robot Damashii version that I commented in Part 3. ^^ The HCM-Pro version did a marvellous job in realizing a more mechanically accurate representation of Gouf Custom, while the Robot Damashii version's emphasis is more on the look. ^^ Just a quick comparison between the size difference between the figure's waists, thighs, and the gun barrel on their gatling shields, and you will see the different design focus. ^^

Just in terms of looks, this Robot Damashii version is certainly the most superior of them all, but I still like all the other versions for their own strengths, and unique features. The special jumping base included for the HCM-Pro figure for example, is not available in all other versions; and the fun of Gunpla-ing is certainly a point that this Robot Damashii version cannot offer. ^^ It's a very good-looking figure, with great articulation, and unique weapon assembly gimmick, but it's definitely not the only merchandise of Gouf Custom that matters out there in the market. ^^

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