Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye, My Old Friend

The most loyal friend of mine finally got her well deserved retirement yesterday evening.

She has being with me since 2004, which is more than four years now. I believe many of you have seen her work on my blog, but you probably never seen her before. She hasn't being well for quite some time now. Most probably because she got worked up too long, she would often faint without reason, and most of the time I won't even notice it. Each time I thought she would get well, and her poor condition was just temporary.

Her illness got worse this year. Fainting is one thing, but when she did wake up after the experience, she would lose most of her memory, and could only recover them after long period of sleep.

I made up my mind of giving her the retirement I promised since last year. With the recruitment of a junior, she gets to rest as much as she needs now.

Goodbye, my old friend. Thanks for all your work. 幸苦你了!

One of the last Nokia phone to use the bigger MMC memory card

My new phone: SE K800i. Chose her because of the phone, and the feel of the joystick and keypad is very close to Nokia 6600.

Comparion between images taken using Nokia 6600 (left) and SE K800i (right). Click for larger view.

In the future, you will still see some Gunpla-in-progress images posted which are still being shot using my old phone. Those are my work before I upgraded my phone. ^^


Zechs said...

lol, I had the same cellphone since last november. I got a new Nokia 5310, I love it. Specially its color scheme, lol.

Q said...

幸苦你了 Nokio 6600! I remember it being an advanced phone back then, but its huge size was not too suitable for me.

And nice, you've now got the same phone as my mother! (It's a pretty good phone so good choice there!) XD

Mad Max said...

Nice, dude. Glad to see another person willing to keep their phone for more than a year or two!

Mendagu said...

waa the pics look clearer!!LOL
cool phone! wish I had one!^^

Joanna Daniels said...

Congratulations on your new phone! It's good to see that it's performing well for you, and that you're happy with your purchase. By the way, what did you do with your old phone?