Monday, April 20, 2015

1/100 Gundam Exia Roll Out Color Ver. Part 3

Retcon the Seven Swords

Finally, after a very long delay (for more than a year ^^;), I'm going to assemble this Gunpla. ^^

It's time to roll out 1/100 scale Gundam Exia Roll Out Color Ver. (I did that intentionally XD).

Real Grade 1/144 scale Gundam RX-78-2 and HGUC Kampfer were the first and second Gunplas I worked on in this year respectively, but this kit is going to be the first to be assembled. ^^

Section of clear parts with their rear sides painted using green highlighter back in Part 1.

As compared to all the other previously completed "MS Gundam 00" kits, the foil sticker sheet is going to be used heavily for their GN Condenser pieces on this Gundam Exia variant.

Parts of the right arm.

(Left) Foil sticker for the forearm GN Condenser.
(Right) With the painted clear part inserted into the condenser's slot.

Separable components of the right arm before the final assembly.

Done for the right arm.

Since the parts are exactly the same, the elbow articulation is obviously just the same as 1/100 Gundam Exia's.

Parts of the left arm.

The look of the left forearm GN Condenser.

Separable components of the left arm before the final assembly.

The left arm is completed.

A look at the two completed arms.

A revision of the two arms' elbow bend.

Parts of the waist.

Minor molded line details panel lined in Part 2.

Separable components of the waist before the final assembly.

The waist is completed.

Except for the rear skirt part (which in itself has pretty scarce details), there's very little details to be seen on the underside of the skirt armors. ^^;

With its middle piece removed - an optional step I took on the same part on my 1/100 Gundam Exia and all of its variants, the two GN Beam Dagger mount racks can be adjusted individually.

Parts of GN Beam Sabers and Daggers.

Only the four handles require minor assembly - a pair of parts for each. ^^

Done for the beam sabers.

With the handles mounted to their designated slots behind the shoulders and waist.

Parts of GN Long and Short Blades.

The two blades are completed.

As GN Long and Short Blades were introduced after Gundam Exia was already being deployed for Celestial Beings' armed interventions in Season 1 of "MS Gundam 00", having these two weapons on this supposed prototype version of Gundam Exia is a minor retcon in regards to its MS development I think. ^^

Parts of GN Shield.

Done for the shield.

Parts of GN Sword.

Areas of the shield parts that were painted along with selected parts from other Gundam Exia kits back in February 2010. ^^

The painted and top coated GN Sword part was brought forward all the way from the same paint work and detailing project as well. ^^

Multiple straight oegs connecting to one another to combine the gun component to the sword portion of GN Sword.

GN Sword is completed.

With the sword expanded.

GN Sword and GN Shield have their respective mount racks to connect the weapons to Gundam Exia's arms.

A gathering of all the weapons. ^^

GN Sword, GN Long and Short Blades, and GN Shield are the larger-sized weapons.

GN Sword's length reaches a little over 18cm when expanded.

The four GN Beam Daggers and Sabers are 7cm and 16cm long respectively. ^^

Will move on to the rest of the kit's assembly in the next posting. ^^

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