Thursday, April 23, 2015

1/100 Gundam Exia Roll Out Color Ver. Part 5

The semi-accurate anime appearance

More images of the just completed 1/100 scale Gundam Exia Roll Out Color Ver. ^^

Closeups on the details:



[Waist & GN Blades]

[Right arm & GN Sword]

[Left arm & GN Shield]


It's been more than four years since I assembled the original 1/100 scale Gundam Exia, even its variant, Gundam Astraea was a kit I did almost three years ago, so even though it's true that this Roll Out Color version is "another Gundam Exia" on my blog (^^), the assembly process was still fun to go through. ^^

Disregarding the Gunpla series it's from, this is actually the first plamo kit I completed since Kotobukiya's D-Style Ingram 1 in early December last year, so it was a pretty refreshing experience for me to get back into assembling model kits. ^^

In terms of appearance, especially the color scheme, this Roll Out Color version of Gundam Exia is a very nice contrast to not only its original version, but to its brightly colored comrades (Gundam Dynames, Gundam Kyrios, and Gundam Virtue) as well. While I do like the traditional white-blue-red-yellow color scheme on the original version, the subtler but more cohesive color scheme on this alternate version gives it a uniquely appealing look in my opinion. ^^

While the color change is the most obvious difference as compared to its original self, the added textual details on all the GN Condensers' stickers do give the kit its own special display features. Then again, even on a 1/100 scale kit, most of the details are too tiny for anything other than the larger '00' numbering to be seen properly, not that it matters since all the stickers had been covered up by the painted clear lens. ^^; I know the Master Grade version improved on the details' display by having the markings molded onto the clear parts, and since I do have that kit, I'm looking forward to doing a comparison just on the GN Condensers' appearance when I get around to assembling it. ^^

This Roll Out Color version was only featured for a couple of seconds in the last episode of "MS Gundam 00" Season 1, in which it was shown in standby mode looking all awesome but doing nothing. XD Therefore, "officially", a plain standing pose is the only valid way to display the completed kit. XD

The Roll Out Color version was shown when Lockon was explaining to Setsuna the reason Gundam Exia was equipped with a solid sword.

Then again, as mentioned in Part 3, the addition of GN Long and Short Blades to the kit has already gave it a more model kit-feel instead of following its intended settings from the show, and since I like the color scheme very much, what I really wanted from the completed kit (and what it does offer ^^) is a gray version of the original 1/100 Gundam Exia, instead of insisting on a representation of that prototype Gundam Exia from the TV series. ^^

So, disregarding that "official" connection, some action poses from this kit are coming up in the next posting. ^^

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