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Transformers: Prime Deluxe Class Arcee Part 7 [Final]

The height matter

Closing out the individual chapter on the "First Edition" version of "Transformers: Prime" Deluxe Class Arcee in this double feature review series, starting with another round of action poses from the figure after Part 6. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

Comparison with other figures from the same "First Edition" series: With her partner from the first episode, Cliffjumper:

In vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

Since the comparison of Cliffjumper with Arcee's motorcycle mode already reveals that the proportion between the two figures is way off (XD), it's therefore just a no-brainer to see Arcee being much taller in robot mode. Then again, that rather ludicrous scale matter does help to reinforce Cliffjumper's short but staunch image, so it's not really a big issue in my opinion. XD

The partnership between Arcee and Cliffjumper that we never get to see in the animated series: ^^;

With her boss, Voyager Class Optimus Prime: ^^

In vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

As a Voyager Class figure, Optimus Prime is already much taller than Arcee, so the scale issue is not as obvious as Cliffjumper. ^^;

Then again, perhaps the look of Arcee as a Deluxe Class figure standing up to the chest level of Optimus Prime in comparison is actually exaggerating the scale matter. XD

Finally, just for the fun of it, here's a group photo of all the "First Edition" releases that I've reviewed so far, with Starscream being the obvious oddball in the picture. XD

Without comparing to her Robots in Disguise counterpart, this "First Edition" version of Arcee is a really fun Transformers figure. ^^ Consistent with the quality of the other three previously reviewed releases from the same series, Arcee's much involved transformation design, and some of impressive engineering idea in incorporating parts from her motorcycle mode as components on the robot mode are definitely the highlights of the figure. ^^ The overall design is even more impressive when her relatively small size in motorcycle mode is being emphasized upon.

Taking into consideration those factors, I think it would be fair to say that this is a great Transformers figure to recommend to even fans who never watched "Transformers: Prime". ^^

While this is the end of the individual review series on this "First Edition" version of Arcee, the double feature series itself will continue with the conclusion on her Robots in Disguise counterpart, and then a comparison between the two Arcees. ^^

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