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Transformers: Prime Robots In Disguise Arcee Part 9 [Final]


The final, final posting of this double feature review series on the two "Transformers: Prime" Arcees. ^^

The focus now turns to the two Arcees' robot mode after the short chapter on their motorcycle mode in the previous posting. ^^

Despite having very close look and size in motorcycle mode, the "First Edition" version is visible taller and bigger than her Robots in Disguise counterpart, and the major size discrepancy is very obviously from the upper body. ^^ The entire front cowl of the Robots in Disguise version doesn't transform, and just hangs behind her back. For the "First Edition" version, the front cowl pieces and wheel integrate more compactly with the back, so they look convincing enough as being part of her back instead of a massive, protruding backpack. As a result of that design difference, the "First Edition" version made good use of the front section of her motorcycle mode to integrate into the robot mode, but said component is "unused" on the Robots in Disguise version.

Interestingly, I feel that the side fairings, which form Arcee's wings serves the same purpose of supporting the upper body's look, but in very different way. For the "First Edition" version, the shoulder armor-like wings (with limited range of upward lift) help to bulk up the shoulders, which in turns helps to support the upper body's bulky appearance. For the Robots in Disguise version on the other hand, the wings are helping to hide the massive backpack to make them look less obtrusive. XD

Closeups on the details:





The hands are different between the two Arcees, and for that matter, the "First Edition" version is unable to hold her Robots in Disguise counterpart's blaster, unfortunately. ^^;

[Blade weapon]


[Package labels]

[Blister pack backdrops]

The two Arcees' similarities in look is the main reason I have no preference in one or another in terms of their motorcycle mode; the same can be said for the robot mode, but articulation and playability have to be added to that discussion as well.

While I like the better proportion and richer details of the "First Edition" version, ^^ I do like the more cohesive look of her Robots in Disguise counterpart's chest, the larger and more obvious wings, and the usage of more blue on the overall figure. In terms of articulation, either version has a few points which are better, and a couple others which I hope could be incorporated in the first place. Even though the Robots in Disguise version is slightly weaker in that aspect, she has greater playability with her weapons, so it's another "draw" in that area of comparison. ^^

Also, as shown above, the Robots in Disguise version's blaster doesn't fit into the hand of her "First Edition" self, so weapon versatility pretty much becomes her unique advantage. ^^

For Transformers figures, I usually just look at how well their transformation sequences are designed to determine which one I favor, but like the discussion on the two Arcees' motorcycle mode, the figure with the more involved transformation design - the "First Edition" version doesn't immediately look to be the more superior one when compared to her Robots in Disguise counterpart. There are fun, interesting features to be found on either version that make both of them on par with one another in my opinion. ^^

A combined action pose for the two Arcees:

With the Robots in Disguise version being supported using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

It's Arcee riding Arcee right there. XD

Having the the smaller-sized Robots in Disguise version as the rider seemed like an obvious display choice to ensure the motorcycle doesn't appear puny in comparison. ^^ On top of that, it's a great chance for the Robots in Disguise version to show off her wings. ^^

Comparison with Cliffjumper and Voyager Class Optimus Prime from the "First Edition" series again:

With Cliffjumper in vehicle mode.

With Cliffjumper in robot mode.

With Voyager Class Optimus Prime in vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

A gathering of all versions of Arcee I've reviewed so far: ^^

In motorcycle mode:

With "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" Deluxe Class Arcee and Chromia, and "Transformers: Prime" Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee added to the group shot. ^^

Much like these two from the "Transformers: Prime" line, the two Arcee sisters from "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" were reviewed in a double feature as well. ^^

Focusing on the three figures from the "Transformers: Prime" series: ^^

In robot mode:

Focusing on the three "Transformers: Prime" Arcees again: ^^

Interestingly, the very simple transformation step of folding the front cowl and side fairings to the back to form the backpack and wings as seen on the Legion Class Cyberverse figure feels a lot like similar sequence on the Robots in Disguise version, although it's very obvious the latter has a much better way in dealing with said transformed component. ^^

The legs transform similarly between the three versions as well, with different treatments for the wheels set them apart. Following that point, all three versions of Arcee have no ankle joint. ^^

If you find Arcee riding Arcee earlier on to be interesting, then how about this: ^^

It's Arcee riding Arcee with another Arcee as the passenger. XD

I can think of no better way to close out this double feature series. XD

On a separate note, I have a couple other versions of Arcee in my collection yet to be opened, so you can still expect more reviews on the character in the future. ^^

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