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Transformers: Prime Robots In Disguise Arcee Part 5

Trading new joints with new limitations

Still on the subject of articulation design for "Transformers: Prime" Deluxe Class Arcee action figure after the previous posting, but the focus is on the Robots in Disguise version this time. ^^

The head can be bent forward/backward for a slight degree.

Horizontal bend is not a problem at all for the head.

As a matter of fact, turning the head to all direction is very easy. ^^

Unlike her "First Edition" self, there's only one ball-type joint implemented to enable all of the head's movements, but the joint is working pretty well I would say. ^^

Ball-type joints for the shoulder, elbow and wrist.

There's a minor divot on top each shoulder, next to the shoulder peg to enable a wider upward lift for the arm from the side of the body, theoretically that is. ^^;

In actuality, the divot shown above doesn't really help much with improving the shoulder's articulation, as you can see from the image above. ^^;

The ball-type shoulder joints allow the arms to be flipped forward/backward.

Unlike her "First Edition" self, Arcee's wings are designed to be on her backpack, not on the shoulders. With the absence of the wings, the upper arm can be swiveled around so that the protruding base faces downward, which would then allow the arm to be bent upward for a wider range. ^^

While the elbow articulation range can be considered standard for an action figure, it's still less than that on the "First Edition" version.

Ball-type wrist joints allow the hands to be adjusted more freely, which is important for Arcee to pose with her blaster.

(Left) No biceps swivel.
(Right) There's no waist articulation, and the tail hinge available on her "First Edition" self is not included as well. ^^;

Double hinge joint design for the hips.

The protruding side piece on top the thigh armors prevent the legs from performing the same wide sideways expansion as seen on the "First Edition" version. ^^;

The forward/backward bends are just as impressive though.

Separated thigh swivel is still available. ^^

Slightly reduced knee bend as compared to the same feature on the "First Edition" version, with the wheel behind the leg armor being the "culprit" again. XD

While the knee joint seems to be of ratchet-type, it can be bent very easily. ^^

Despite having reduced articulation capabilities, a very natural-looking kneeling pose can still be adjusted for this version of Arcee. ^^

As seen in Part 3, the same joint to lower the front wheel onto the backpack can be used to position it higher for the wings to stand out more.

The wings themselves are on a separate hinge that allows them to be lifted slightly more. ^^

Along with the simplified transformation design, many of Arcee's movable points that can be found on her "First Edition" self have been omitted on this Robots in Disguise version, with the lack of a waist joint, and the new position for the wings being the biggest change in her design. The lack of a waist joint is understandably to make way for the head's automorph feature, which can be considered linked to the change in the wings' position as well, since the front cowl now transforms differently. ^^

Other changes, or more so reduction in articulation doesn't bother me too much, as they don't seem to cause limitations to the components involved. In comparison to the "First Edition" version, the number of movable point for the head has been reduced from two to one, but the ball-type joint used on this Robots in Disguise version allows the head to be moved just as flexibly; even though there's no more bicep swivel, the ball-type joints implemented for the elbow and wrist mean that there are other ways for the arms to show off some good poses.

On the other hand, much of this Robots in Disguise version's poseability would be from her variable weapon configuration, which is more flexible than that of the "First Edition" version. ^^

In essence, not only do the two Arcees transform differently, they play differently as well. ^^

Some action poses from Arcee to demonstrate her articulation design: ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

Going back to the "First Edition" version to show off more of her action poses. ^^

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