Thursday, October 15, 2015

Play Arts Kai Gabranth Part 5 [Final]

The mark of a boss

Even more action poses from Play Arts Kai Gabranth after Part 3 and the previous posting. ^^

Gabranth's shoulder block expansion gimmick allows it to perform the Boss pose very nicely. ^^

Supported using a wire stand meant for Gunplas.

Comparison with Cammy from the same product series:

The size difference between the two is very obvious. ^^

Cammy's shoulders can be expanded forward much wider than that on Gabranth, but it should be noted that she doesn't wear any armor on her shoulders.

Since it was mentioned when Gabranth's weapons were introduced in Part 2, here's a look at the comparison between the figure and Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka:

Sinanju's overall size is bigger than Gabranth, but the latter's bulk makes it

Big but highly posable, heavy but stable in holding its poses, well-painted with great attention to all sculpt details, Gabranth turns out to be a much more impressive Play Arts Kai figure than I originally anticipated it to be. ^^ I was attracted to its fierce look, armor design and size initially, but it offers much, much more than those three elements. ^^

I really like Gabranth. This could very well be the best figure I reviewed on the blog this year. ^^

After Hot Toys' 1/6 scale Alice of course. XD

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