Saturday, October 10, 2015

Play Arts Kai Gabranth Part 2

The knight in not-so-shining plastic armors

After the introduction, this posting will focus on the handful of option parts included in this Play Arts Kai set and more images of the figure itself to examine its craftsmanship. ^^

Just four option parts included for Play Arts Kai Gabranth.

A pair of swords with different lengths.

The longer sword is called Chaos Blade.

Details on Chaos Blade.

The shorter sword is called Highway Star.

Details on Highway Star.

Lengths of the two swords: Chaos Blade is 18.5cm long, 3cm longer than Highway Star.

The two swords are not only long, but are broad and thick - much larger than what you will get in an average-sized action figure. ^^
Here they are in comparison with my palm. ^^

The slot and straight peg on the pommels of Chaos Blade and Highway Star respectively indicate that the two swords can be combined, even though this gimmick is not shown at all on the box or in the instruction sheet.

The combined naginata-like double-bladed weapon.

The combined sword is about 34cm long.

Comparison between Gabranth's combined sword with that belonging to Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka. ^^

Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka's combined beam sword wins the length comparison, but Gabranth's look much more impressive with its overall size and weight.

A pair of option spread palms.

Ball-type joint connects the hand unit to the wrist.
The wrist itself is of the very flexible swivel-hinge type commonly seen on Play Arts Kai figures.

The default open hands to hold the swords.

There's no easy way to equip the sword to the hand other than to squeeze the handle past that tiny gap between the tip of the thumb and the index finger. ^^;

More images of Play Arts Kai Gabranth:

Closeups on the details:




[Chaos Blade and Highway Star]



[Back (beneath the cape]

The size and weight of this Play Arts Kai figure are the most immediate attraction points that jump out at me when it was first removed from the box. ^^ Not only is it tall, all of its solid components give it a significant heft as well. 1/6 scale action figures like the recently reviewed Alice from Hot Toys notwithstanding, Gabranth is the biggest action figure I played with in quite a while.

Perhaps since "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" Leader Class Optimus Prime. ^^

Besides size and weight, the details and overall paint work on Gabranth are very impressive as well - their quality has been consistently amazing since Bayonetta and Jeanne, the first two Play Arts Kai figures that I got and reviewed. I really like the dark champagne silver used for all the armor parts, which is coupled with shades of black/clear black at corners and silver for the edges. The combination of all those paint applications help to emulate the metallic nature of the armors, even though the soft plastic nature of the protruding ones is very obvious when the figure is being posed. ^^

In terms of sculpt details, the intricate patterns realized on the helmet, curvy elevated edges of the armors, and especially all the details sculpted and painted on Gabranth's two swords, the longer Chaos Blade and his secondary weapon Highway Star are beautifully well done. The large cape is also noteworthy in this aspect, as its sculpt work realizes the realistic look of all the smooth folds and wrinkles, but the large red emblem on top and beneath the cape is very crisp and delicate.

Large, heavy, well-painted and full of details, Gabranth is an amazing figure for display, even though it's supposed to be for action as well. ^^

And the action part will start with the next posting. ^^

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