Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Koshin Gyan Part 6

Multiform scythe

Assembling another long completed Gunpla after the review on Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku Set 2011 Ver.. ^^

Returning to BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Koshin Gyan some 21 months after all the paint work and detailing on it was completed. ^^

Parts of Koshin Gyan's main body.

All the parts with varying amount of applied paint work.

Instead of using the foil sticker included for the mono-eye, I applied a DIY piece I did for Shiba-I Sazabi many years ago. ^^
I didn't prefer using my own sticker for its original purpose of allowing the mono-eye's position to be changed - there's not much room in the sunken space to do that anyway, instead, I just don't like the darker shade of red on the given foil sticker. ^^;

The round one-piece leg armor parts are very well designed and molded. ^^

All major separable components to form Koshin Gyan in plain form.

Done for the plain form of Koshin Gyan.

Three parts to form Koshin Gyan's scythe, Geki Eiga (撃鋭牙).

Length comparison between the different parts of the scythe.

Very simple assembly for Geki Eiga. ^^

The overall length of the scythe is close to 12cm.

The hilt of the pole has a slot that can be used to hold the spear tip, allowing it to be equipped to the pole without needing the blade part.

You can give Koshin Gyan a more conventional-looking spear instead of his crazy scythe. ^^

The spear tip can also be held by the model kit itself as a dagger.

An alternate configuration for the scythe.

Making use of the straight pegs protruding on the side of the hilt to form this even stranger-looking part combination for the scythe. ^^

The mono-eye piece would be the only sticker I need, but since I didn't use it in the end, the entire sticker sheet was completely unused. ^^

More images of Koshin Gyan in his plain form:

Closeups on the details:






Some action poses from Koshin Gyan in plain form:

Supported using Soul Stage Act 4 for Humanoid Clear.

The second part of Koshin Gyan's assembly, on its armors and the final completion will be up next. ^^

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