Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MG V Gundam Ver. Ka Part 2

The red rings of inconvenient paint work

Starting to work on Master Grade V Gundam Ver. Ka after the introduction in the previous posting.

As usual, a look at all the parts to be painted and the colors they need first:

Three 1/100 scale figurines to be painted: a standing Uso Ewin in civilian clothing with Haro, another Uso Ewin in pilot suit and Marbet Fingerhat in pilot suit.
It's not clearly shown in the picture, but the two pilots don't match up with the standing figurine in terms of scale. ^^;

The paint scheme for the character and the pilot suit is shown in the instruction manual.

Given the exposed look of the pilot cockpit (through the clear canopy), some extra detailing could be added to enhance the look of the dashboard and control panels. ^^

Two sets of landing gears are going to be painted gray.

Even though foil stickers are provided for them, tThe red "rings" around the weapon ports on the forearm, leg and side skirt armor parts will be painted red.

The painted red rings as shown in the instruction manual.

For convenience, the rings on white parts are painted using normal marker.

The two leg parts however, are painted using Gundam Marker Red in order for the molded color to be covered up.

Painting them is easy, but cleaning up the excessive red paint proves to be quite challenging - some of the intended paint is wiped off when the parts are cleaned using cotton swab soaked with arcylic thinner. ^^;

The missing red paint is reapplied using normal marker with sharp tip.

Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) is used to panel line the molded details on the surface of the white parts.

For convenience again, the sunken area behind the elbow is painted using normal black marker to cover up the red paint spilled onto it.
I'm just too lazy to remove the red paint and having to reapply some of that again, repeating what I did earlier on. ^^;

With excessive panel liner solution rubbed away using cotton swab soaked with thinner, and with additional line details added the usual way. ^^

For the pair of leg parts, excessive red paint inside them is scratched away using a sharpened toothpick. The simple molded details are done using a normal panel liner.

Tiny bits of foil stickers are used to represents monitors and screens on the two cockpit parts of the Core Fighters.
Having pieces with different colors for the two parts helps to create a somewhat distinctive look between the unit for Victory Gundam and that of Victory Gundam Hexa.

The foil sticker pieces can be seen through the canopies. ^^

The landing gear parts are painted using Mr. Gundam Color UG09 MS Gray Zeon Semi Gloss.

The intricate details of the front hydraulic are easily done using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).

The wheels are painted using normal black marker.

The wheel caps are painted silver using normal pen (for the tiny ones on the front parts) and Sharpie marker.

Test fitting the painted parts to see how the Core Fighters' landing gears would turn out when assembled. ^^

The only parts shown in this posting that are not done are the three human figurines, but since they require different colors for their details to be realized, a dedicated posting would be in place to talk about the work on them I believe. ^^

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