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BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Koshin Gyan Part 7

Can the cape be considered an armor?

Continuing with the assembly of BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Koshin Gyan after completing its plain form in the previous posting. ^^

Koshin Gyan and all of his extra armor parts.

The four shoulder armor parts that were painted and detailed extensively in Parts 3, 4 and 5. ^^

The rear part of the left shoulder armor has a slot to mount the handle of Eiga Ban (鋭牙盤), Koshin Gyan's shield. The slot becomes a distinctive feature when compared to its right counterpart.

The extra minus molds inside the thruster vents were added in Part 2.

The four sharp tips on the face guard all points to Koshin Gyan's mono-eye. ^^

Done for the armored form of Koshin Gyan.

The protruding edges on the back of Koshin Gyan's head rest right on top the cape, making it impossible for the head to be bent upward.

The collar has just the right tolerance for the head to be swivelled from side to side.

The shoulder armors can be expanded to give Koshin Gyan a more aggressive look, ...

... or retracted to form some kind of linkage with the forearm armors. ^^

Parts for the shield, Eiga Ban (鋭牙盤).

The three blade parts are arranged according on the rear face of the shield.

The handle part can be equipped to the designated slot behind the shield for the latter to be mounted on the left shoulder armor.
The tolerance is even specific though - the protruding tips of the blades would be colliding with the armor if the handle's position is not right.

The shield can of course be held by the model kit using the same handle.

As you may imagine, the three blades can be rotated outward to turn the whole shield into a huge shuriken, which certainly fits Koshin Gyan's image as an assassin serving under Totaku Zaku (董卓ザク). ^^
The "expanded" shield is also an essential component in Koshin Gyan's finishing move, Eiga Satsu Eizan (鋭牙殺影斬).

Three protruding tips on the edge of the shield are the stoppage points for the blades' expansion

The handle can be attached to the back of the shield even when the blades are retracted.

With the handle stored behind the shield, the slot it connects to can now be used to mount the shield to the backpack as an alternate storage option. ^^

More images of the completed Shin Koshin Gyan:

Closeups on the details:



[Backpack and cape]




Disregarding the head gear and shoulder armors, the additional armor parts that Koshin Gyan receive are his cape and backpack - if you can label those two components as armors at all, which are not obviously visible due to their position on the back of the model kit. Then again, the minimal armor-up design doesn't bother me at all. As a matter of fact, I'm quite fond of Gyan's powder blue color scheme so I'm glad that there's no large armor parts that would conceal the color even in this armored form. ^^

As highlighted earlier on, the four sharp tips on the face guard which all points to Koshin Gyan's mono-eye is a nice design of that armor part which I really like. It's most helpful in assisting enemy units to target their projectiles at Koshin Gyan. XD The versatility of the shield is another great feature of the kit's design, but I'm not a big fan of its default storage position on the left shoulder armor, which not only makes the kit looks asymmetrical, but excessively bulky on the left side of the body as well. I prefer to store the shield on the backpack to give the model a more balanced appearance. ^^

Some action poses from Koshin Gyan, and a look at its last weapon gimmick in the next posting. ^^

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