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Transformers: Generations Fall Of Cybertron Deluxe Class Sideswipe Part 1

A super sleek alien car in bright, glossy metallic red

As teased way back in June, this Transformers figure is on my to-review list before the end of the year, and it's finally making its appearance now. ^^

Transformers: Generations Fall Of Cybertron TG-10 Deluxe Class Sideswipe
Production company: Takara Tomy
Release date: February 2013
Price: 2,980 Yen (exclusive of tax).
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From "Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron", this is the Takara Tomy version of Sideswipe. The original Hasbro version came out in December 2012, a few months before this Takara Tomy release.

Concerning the Hasbro version, it was one of the five releases under Transformers: Generation 2.0 line. Besides Kickback and Starscream from that release wave, the other three, Ultra Magnus, Air Raid and Sideswipe were remolds of Wave 1's Optimus Prime, Shockwave and Jazz respectively.

And all seven of them came out as repaints by Takara Tomy. ^^

I was aware of the original Hasbro version but never had the desire to get it. While I really like its red and silver color scheme, its shade of red looks flat and doesn't help to project the streamlined design of Sideswipe's body in vehicle mode. Of course, following that dissatisfaction I have over the Hasbro release, this Takara Tomy version became the perfect, obvious purchase substitute. ^^

Front view of the blister pack.

As mentioned before, Sideswipe is a remold of Jazz, and quite extensively so too. Besides a new head, the entire top and front portion of the vehicle mode has been changed, which affects the looks of the chest and back in robot mode. Still, the changes is not enough really, as the toy design is still a huge departure from the character's in-game image.

Sideswipe in action in "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron".
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

As seen in the above video, Sideswipe's rear wheels end up on his back after transformation, so there's no wheel on his legs as seen on the toy (a design carried over from Jazz). Also, the front wheels are on its shoulder not forearm - even the character image on the top section of the package card doesn't shy away from indicating this design variation. ^^;

So, I suppose Jazz is probably chosen as Sideswipe's base model due to both of them having a race car-type vehicle as their alternate mode. Then again, if so much changes on Jazz is still not enough to realize an accurate image of Sideswipe, he would probably need a brand new mold, which may not be considered at all. ^^;

Personally, since I never played the game, the accurate representation of the character is not too much of a concern for me. I bought it for the liking of its smooth design and nice metallic color scheme and I'm impressed with what I'm seeing so far. ^^ On the flip side of that, the similarity in design does lower my interest in getting Takara Tomy's TG-02 Jazz though, since I know that the transformation is going to be completely the same. ^^;

A large image of Sideswipe's in-game model occupies the top section of the package card.

The in-game model of Sideswipe's speeder mode is shown at the bottom right corner on the blister pack.

(Left) Product label and character name.
(Right) The product label also indicates that the transformation difficult is 3 - right in the middle of the scale for Sideswipe. ^^

Takara Tomy's emblem on the top section of the package card.

The figure can be seen very easily and clearly through the clear shell.

Closeups on the details.

Left and right side views of the blister pack.

(Left) Character name on the left side of the blister pack.
(Right) A large half section of the Decepticons logo, another in-game model image of Sideswipe and the figure's product numbering can be seen on the right side of the blister pack.

Top and bottom views.

A brief introduction of the character (in Japanese unfortunately ^^;) as well as images of the figure in robot and vehicle modes on the back of the package.

Sideswipe is below average (4) in terms of intelligence? ^^;

Preview for TG-08 Kickback, TG-09 Starscream, TG-03 Blast Off, Vortex, Brawl, ...

... TG-11 Ultra Magnus, TG-12 Air Raid, TG-06 Swindle and TG-07 Onslaught from the same toy line on the back of the package.

Comparison with the package of TG-12 Air Raid, the other release from the same series that I have. ^^

So, Air Raid is slightly better in terms of intelligence but is a lot less skilled as compared to Sideswipe. ^^;

The package is carefully cut from its side in order for the content to be removed.

Front view of the plastic tray that houses Sideswipe.

Closeup on the details.

Rear view of the tray.

Closeup on the details.

A plastic bag containing the folded instruction sheet and a small pistol carried over from Jazz.

The folded instruction sheet and small pistol are removed from the plastic bag.

Front page of the instruction sheet shows Sideswipe's robot-to-car mode transformation.

Rear page shows the reverse and weapon gimmick for the Path Blaster cannon.

The complete backdrop with the remaining edges of the cut plastic cover removed.

The cardboard label for the top, side and bottom faces of the plastic container.

Straight-out-of-box display of Transformers: Generations Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Class Sideswipe in robot mode. ^^

A few more strings to add to my tool box after gathering a whole bunch from the recently reviewed S.I.C. Vol. 16 Kamen Rider Black RX & Kamen Rider Black. ^^

Will be doing a reserve-transformation for Sideswipe - the vehicle mode will be shown next, before its transformation sequence in another posting. ^^

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