Saturday, December 22, 2012

Figma BRS2035 Part 1

The not-so-new but not-so-old version

Since the world didn't end yesterday (XD), the reviews must go on. ^^

Another action figure review after the work on High Grade 1/144 scale Ali al-Saachez's Customized AEU Enact Custom. ^^

From a purchase back in February, this is Figma BRS2035 from Max Factory.

Honestly speaking, I have absolutely no idea about the character's background and story. For BRS2035, I know she is from a PSP game called "Black Rock Shooter: The Game" released in 2011, but that piece of information is from some of the textual description on the box of this Figma figure, as well as some reading I did before this review. The only factor that propelled me to make the purchase for this figure, and items from the "Black Rock Shooter" series in general is my liking towards the character and merchandise design, particularly ones from the Figma and Nendoroid series. ^^

I didn't pay much attention to the series when it became popular a few years ago, but the more I was exposed to the character design and of course the endless waves of merchandises based on the series, I find myself immensely attracted to the eye design of the characters, not just the protagonist, but other characters like Dead Master and Black Gold Saw as well. Their eyes are inhuman-like, but artistically appealing to me in an odd way. ^^; I kind of feel that Kurisu Makise from "Steins;Gate" features just about the same eye design, and not surprisingly to me because of that, I'm quite a fan of that character as well. ^^

Speaking of the merchandises, especially the Figma and Nendoroid series, the "Black Rock Shooter" series is very much like Hatsune Miku to me - the variations and releases can never stop it seems. ^^ There are five versions of Black Rock Shooter alone in the Figma series if not mistaken, and there are corresponding Nendoroid and fixed figurine versions for most of them as well. You can say that's the general approach when it comes to Max Factory and Good Smile Company's collaboration in merchandising for certain characters, but the number of variations based off of the "Black Rock Shooter" series is still pretty staggering, just like Hatsune Miku. ^^ Not that I'm complaining though, since I got the TV animation version of Black Rock Shooter in Figma and Nendoroid not too long ago, and Figma Black Gold Saw (TV animation Ver.) on pre-order as well. The character and figure design is getting better and better for me to resist the temptation to purchase, and obviously my wallet was forced to surrender. XD

A standard package design for BRS2035, albeit wider as compared to other releases in the series. Almost all of the accessories included can be seen through the front window.

Closer look at the figure and accessories through the front window.

Typical Figma design on all sides of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Comparison with the box of Rider, which was purchased around the same time as BRS2035.

Ritsu's box is of the same size as that of BRS2035.

Box open.

Front view of the package content.

Package content without the top cover.
Tons of plastic wrappers around the figure herself to be removed. ^^

Closer look at the content.

Rear view of the package content.

Closer look at the content.

A very nice backdrop with checker box pattern that suits the character very well. ^^

The cover skin cutout section intended for di:stage display base.

An instruction sheet is included to show how the large cannon should be configured for the figure.

Straight out of box BRS2035, with all the protective appendages and wrappers still attached. ^^

Her wings are conveniently helping the figures to stand. ^^

More images of the figure and introduction of all the accessories coming up next. ^^

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Chris said...

Kurisu Makise is also designed by the same designer, huke, so it's no surprise they have the same eye design. ^^;