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Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Cliffjumper Part 5 [Final]

Double-triple cannon

A look at Transformers Prime's Deluxe Class Cliffjumper's articulation design after the previous posting. ^^

Horizontal and vertical bends are no problem for the head.
However, due to the its shape, the head's angle of display will always be crooked when it's bent from side to side.

Like the hood's bull horns shown in Part 2, the horns on the head are also made of soft plastic.

Tons of articulation for the shoulders. ^^

Ball-type joint gives the shoulder itself a very flexible range of movement.

Thanks to its transformation design, the hinge joint that connects the shoulder to the body allows the former to be lifted for a very wide degree.

Swivel joint for the upper joint as seen in Part 3.

Full 180-degree elbow bend thanks to its transformation design. ^^

Swivel joint for the wrist.

The hip joints are almost like a repetition of Starscream's design. ^^
Using the ball-type hip joints, the legs can be expanded for a very wide degree. ^^

90-degree forward bend for the thigh before the armor is stopped by the hip. ^^;
The ball-type joint socket on the thigh seems to be on a swivel as well, but I didn't try rotating it to see if it's working fine. ^^;

The knee is capable of roughly 90-degree bend only as well. ^^;
Collision between the knee joint and calf armor prevents future movement. ^^;

Each foot is connected to the leg armor via a single ball-type joint only. The range of movement is fairly decent, although the outward bend can be a bit restricted.
Cliffjumper's special weapon gimmick is a triple-barrel blaster stored in each forearm:

(Left) To deploy the blaster, the forearm armor is opened up first.
(Right) The hand unit must be adjusted to the right position - the palm is facing upward so that it could fit inside the forearm compartment later.

Do a 180-degree flip for the blaster, close the forearm armor and the weapon is ready to go. ^^

The weapon can be deployed on both arms.
Application of the joint design and weapon gimmick to support Cliffjumper's action poses:

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Standing pose using the cardboard platform shown in Part 1.

Comparison with Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee in robot mode.

With Transformers United Rodimus Prime in robot mode.

As shown in Part 2, Hot Rod in vehicle mode seemed to be somewhat bigger than Cliffjumper. As it turns out in robot mode, they are pretty close in size. ^^

With "First Edition" Voyager Class Optimus Prime in robot mode.

In vehicle mode.
The scale between the two seems pretty accurate to one another I think. ^^

With his nemesis Starscream from the same product series.

In vehicle mode.

Cliffjumper is a great addition to my "Transformers: Prime" collection series. ^^ Its vehicle mode is lovely, so is the robot mode. There are some very nice design features to its transformation as discussed in the previous posting, and from this posting, you can see that it has a well designed articulation as well. If not for the huge splits on the roof and uneven color distribution that is too obviously visible in vehicle mode (Part 2), I would definitely place it on the same level as Starscream in terms of overall display and enjoyment. ^^; On the other hand, as compared to the previous two Transformers figures I reviewed: Deluxe Class Chromia and Arcee from "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", Cliffjumper would be from a completely different tier of awesomeness. ^^

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