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Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Cliffjumper Part 4

Unexpected shortie

More images of Transformers Prime "First Edition" Deluxe Class Cliffjumper after showing off its transformation design in the previous posting: ^^

Closeups on the details:

[Head and body]




Cliffjumper has a very interesting transformation design. ^^ The front portion of the car, while evidently much longer than its rear portion transforms into a pair of stocky legs; while the seemingly shorter trunk transforms into much larger and longer shoulders and arms in robot mode. ^^ Then again, true to its muscle car look, Cliffjumper looks like he is packing quite a punch in robot mode as well. ^^

The transformed upper body of Cliffjumper is quite amazing in my opinion. ^^ The front face features three components from different parts of the car: chest panels from the car's roof, waist piece previously hidden beneath the car and headlights segments from the hood. ^^ All of them tuck together very nicely to form a very unique but pretty cohesive look for the body. I can certainly see how the headlights is supposed to form a bar with the waist piece to separate the chest panel from Cliffjumper's lower body. Folks who saw the design the first time must be very curious how the parts come together. The answer is shown the previous posting, but I would like to add that the transformation process to get those parts to come together is very fun. ^^

A single hood piece to form the back is quite impressive as well. ^^ Many Transformers figures carry a huge baggage on their back, usually consists of parts that don't transform. ^^; That's certainly not the case with Cliffjumper. A rather flat back helps to emphasize his broad shoulders and large arms instead, which is good to project the character design. ^^ Many noted the horns on his bum, which I find to be very funny as well. XD I consider it as a very subtle nod to The Rock been the voice actor for Cliffjumper. ^^ I remember when The Rock was still active in wrestling, the back of his pants had a bull emblem on it. "How fitting!" I said XD Still, I seriously don't believe that connection to be genuine, but it's funny that the horns in vehicle mode end up in that position on the robot mode anyway. ^^

Overall, I really like the look of Cliffjumper in robot mode. It's definitely very accurate to the character's design in the show, but in achieving that, it features some very nifty and enjoyable transformation design. ^^

A look at Cliffjumper's articulation design and action poses in the next posting, which will be the last one in this review series. ^^

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