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HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] Part 10 [Final]

Realistic representation of non-transformation

The last posting on HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] already. ^^

A few more action poses from the model kit after the previous posting:

While the bazooka does look pretty good on the Destroy Mode, the real perks from the weapon interchangeability are the beam saber parts and option spread palms in my opinion. The former "unlocks" two weapons on the kit itself - its beam sabers and beam tonfas, ^^ and the spread palms give it a much more dynamic look in various action poses. As the "powered-up" version of Unicorn Gundam, the Destroy Mode really needs more than what the kit gave it too express its strength and awesome look, and the weapons and option parts from the Unicorn Mode certainly fulfill that need pretty nicely. ^^

Comparison with the Unicorn Mode:

Front view

Front left view

Rear left view

Rear view

Rear right view

Front right view

Despite having just one repeated runner (Runner A) which doesn't contain any of the white armor parts, I think the two kits look proportionate enough to represent the Gundam before and after its NT-D transformation. ^^ As a result of that, both kits can be said to be very "realistic" products of the Gundam's mechanical design. ^^ I suppose since the image design can be inherited from its Master Grade Ver. Ka kit, there was really no need to reinvent the wheel when the folks at Bandai Hobby Division were designing these two kits.

Personally, since the kits don't involve transformation, I prefer a more exaggerated style to their designs. The Unicorn Mode may be given a smaller head with larger visor, and maybe a larger shield to give it a more sturdy appearance, while for the Destroy Mode on the other hand, I would love to see large knees, larger shoulder armors, broader chest and spikier protruding parts all over its body to really exaggerate on its strength. ^^ I like the look of Robot Damashii [Side MS] Unicorn Gundam Full Action Ver. very much and I really believe that the non-transformable HGUC kits would be great opportunities to get some great looking representations of Unicorn Gundam. Alas, for consistency in look and the overall series, their looks must be kept "realistically subtle". XD

Comparison with the Master Grade Ver. Ka kit:

Much like the Unicorn Mode, the Destroy Mode has a very consistent look with the Master Grade Ver. Ka kit in terms of proportion design. That's not longer a surprise after what I just said about consistency across Gunplas. Then again, you can definitely observe a huge difference between the models' faces. ^^; The HGUC kit has a long straight face (XD), while the Master Grade Ver. Ka kit has a shorter design with noticeably protruding chin area. I suppose the deviation is due to the presence of transformation gimmick and lack thereof between the two versions. Personally, I like the sharper look on the Master Grade Ver. Ka kit. ^^

On a separate note, I have a funny realization that in regards to the two kits' V-fins. Granted that they both require paint work to realize their actual color, it was white on (or under to be exact in terms of the painted area's position on the part) yellow for the HGUC kit, and the exact opposite - yellow on white for the Master Grade Ver. Ka kit. ^^

Comparison with Sinanju in the same Gunpla format:

With Geara Zulu:

With its predecessor design, Nu Gundam:

The Destroy Mode is definitely more in scale with Nu Gundam as compared to the Unicorn Mode. At least it's of the same height as Amuro's unit now. ^^ Also, since HGUC kits are smaller, they are logistically easier to be featured together for the comparison shot. ^^;

A very nice model kit this is. ^^ Lots of parts to assemble, and the look is just awesome. ^^ Like the Unicorn Mode, the articulation is just average, obviously since they share the same joint design with the same polycap set. ^^ Choice of weapon is a huge issue for the Destroy Mode, but with help from the other Unicorn Gundam kit, that weakness can be resolved very easily. ^^

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