Sunday, December 30, 2012

Revoltech VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Part 5


A look at the FAST Pack included for Revoltech VF-1S Strike Valkyrie after the previous posting. ^^

Seven parts altogether for the FAST Pack.

Leg propellant tanks.

Like the figure itself, the markings and paint details on the parts are very well done. ^^

Zero details on the back of the parts.

The double beam cannon and right booster pack are separated by default.

Right booster pack with double beam cannon.

The entire component is 8cm in length, and more than half of that comes from the beam cannon.

The cannon turrets are connected to the booster pack via a Revoltech joint, so they're capable of more than just upward/downward swivel. The cannons can rotate from side to side as well.

Very nice paint details and markings for the booster pack. ^^

The missile pod on the left booster can be detached.

As the connectors are the same, you can swap the missile pod onto the right booster unit, and have the beam cannon over onto the left booster. ^^

Two forearm missile launchers.

Very nicely painted missiles in front of the launchers.

Equipping the FAST Pack components onto the figure is very easy:

A slot on the calf is used to hold the leg propellant tank. Once the peg is in, the rather shallow sunken space behind the propellant tank just "slides" onto the side of the leg. ^^

Done for the legs.

Large slots on either side of the backpack are used to hold the booster units.

Done for the booster units.

Flexible movements of the cannons as mentioned earlier on.

The two slots shown all the way back in Part 2 are used to hold the missile launcher.
Having two different slot sizes is probably to prevent wrong positioning of the missile launcher.

Done for the missile launcher.

There are two slots on either side of the missile launcher, and unlike the ones behind the forearm, any one of them can be used to hold the gun pod. ^^

A few options on mounting the gun pod to the missile launcher.

More images of Revoltech VF-1S Strike Valkyrie:

Closeups on the details:

[Booster pack]

[Missile launcher]

[Leg propellant tank]

The four wing missile pods would give VF-1S Strike Valkyrie an even more heavy-arms feel than it already is right now, but I forgot about them when the pictures were taken. ^^; They will be in for the action poses section.

From the front, the bulkiness of the FAST pack is quite subtle to be seen I think. ^^ Only the double beam cannons stand out the most, as the missile launchers look just like two thin rectangular boxes attached to the forearms. XD I would say that the FAST Pack gives VF-1S Valkyrie a more completed look, but that's more for the fact that the parts are included in the package, and being able to get all of them onto the figure sort-of gives me the sense of having the complete product. I would call the normal form a completed look if the package doesn't come with the FAST Pack. ^^;

Having said that, the FAST Pack is an additional feature to give the figure a different look in my opinion. It doesn't radically change what the figure already is. VF-1S Valkyrie is very awesome on it own, as you have seen in the previous posting. It will be able to show off that awesomeness in a different form, with a couple of new poses using the extra components no doubt. ^^

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