Sunday, December 30, 2012

Revoltech VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Part 6 [Final]

Armored agility

All action poses of Revoltech VF-1S Strike Valkyrie after introducing its FAST Pack in the previous posting. ^^

Does having all the additional parts obstruct its movements? This kneeling pose should be able to give you that answer very clearly. ^^

Size comparison with Revoltech Yamaguchi Arbalest (again): ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, the FAST Pack does little to bulk up VF-1S Valkyrie. ^^ Its overall height increases, but that's all due to the protruding missile pod and double beam cannon on its backpack. In the end, it's really the extra playability provided by the additional components that matters the most to me. ^^ And on that point, the FAST Pack is quite a cool feature. The movable beam cannons give the figure some new display possibilities, as with the missile launchers. ^^

The greatest advantage of the FAST Pack in my opinion however, is their design that doesn't limit the figure's own articulation, not one bit. ^^ The propellant tank is designed with just the right clearance to not obstruct the knee's range of movement, even in kneeling pose. The double beam cannons don't get in the shoulder joint's way when they are lowered as well. ^^ It's a tremendous design which totally supports the figure's playability. Many other action figures with armor parts sacrifice articulation for that heavy feel and look. That's not the case with this fella. ^^ With or without all the extra components, it moves awesomely. ^^

Regardless of its age, this is a great representation of VF-1S Valkyrie from "Macross", and a superb action figure as well. ^^

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