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Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Cliffjumper Part 1

If you smell what Cliffjumper is cooking

Going for a new Transformers review after the work on HGUC Geara Zulu as shown in the previous posting, and this is one I'm really excited when I finally got him a few months back as well. ^^

From the same action figure series as Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Deluxe Class Starscream, this is Deluxe Class Cliffjumper "First Edition" version. I missed the chance to get him when he first came out last year as I set my priorities to Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Deluxe Class Arcee. I only realized how awesome Cliffjumper's design is after seeing a few reviews of him months ago, and that was when the Robots in Disguise series came out in full swing. I saw many Cliffjumpers in Robots in Disguise format in local toy stores and departmental stores, as you would expect from the merchandising machine of Hasbro. ^^; I set my target on getting the First Edition instead, and was almost ready to place an order for it through online forum when I saw a newly opened local toy store had it on the shelves. I snagged one right away. ^^

Alongside Arcee, Cliffjumper was one of the first characters to appear in "Transformers: Prime". He was on recon mission with Arcee before he ran into trouble with the Decepticons. The shock element of what happened to him when he was captured by Starscream was just as unexpected as the voice actor who plays him in the series, when the information first rolled out. Cliffjumper was played by Dwayne Johnson - The Rock. ^^ Honestly speaking, I was "lured" in to watch the first episode because of that casting. XD I was very curious to see how The Rock was going to manage a role in a long running animation series. By the end of the first episode, I realized that he didn't have to do that at all. ^^; Ultimately though, the fast pace, well done story and interesting characters were the factors that kept me watching the entire series. ^^

Cliffjumper's packaging design is the same that of Starscream.

In vehicle mode, the entire figure of Cliffjumper can be seen very easily through the clear package.

Box side designs.

The image on the bottom face of the box shows a display platform is included for you to display the figure with.

A very simple design for the back of the package.

Cliffjumper in robot mode is shown.

(Left) Promo for Deluxe Class Arcee and Bumblebee.
(Right) The same image of Optimus Prime and his Autobots comrades from the anime series as seen on Optimus Prime's and Starscream's box is repeated here.

Difficulty of transformation (?) is at Intermediate (2) level. ^^

Comparison with his partner, "First Edition" Deluxe Class Arcee's packaging.

Box open.

The flattened cardboard label for the top, side and bottom faces of the plastic container.

The backdrop.

The same kind of folded paper display base that was also included with Starscream and the folded instruction sheet.

The front page of the instruction sheet shows car-to-robot transformation sequence ...

... while the rear page shows the reverse. ^^

Two layers of the plastic tray holding Cliffjumper.

Top view of the content

Closeups on the details.

Bottom view of the content

Closeups on the details.

A couple of strings to get rid of to remove Cliffjumper from his plastic tray.

Cliffjumper in vehicle mode. ^^

More images of Cliffjumper in vehicle mode coming up in the next posting. ^^

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