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HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode] Part 10 [Final]

The short end of the deal

As mentioned in the previous posting on the Destroy Mode, I'm temporarily switching over to conclude the review on the Unicorn Mode, which was left without a formal ending since late November. As stated back then, the decision to leave the review open until now is so that the two models of Unicorn Gundam can share their weapons to extend their individual playability. ^^

While this weapon interchangeability seems really nice, the Unicorn Mode seems to be getting the short end of the deal as the only two components it's getting from the Destroy Mode are the beam rifle and its spare magazine set. ^^;

The magazine set can be attached to the left rear skirt armor.

The beam rifle can be mounted onto the backpack and to the back of the forearm as well.

A more "completed" look for the Unicorn Mode: ^^

Some action poses featuring the borrowed weapon: ^^

The beam rifle gives the Unicorn Mode a more "normal" appearance in my opinion. I remember in its "official" first sortie in Episode 2 of the OVA, which leads to the first encounter with Full Frontal's Sinanju, Gundam Unicorn was equipped with the beam rifle. Then again, it isn't super dramatic anyway in my opinion. ^^;

Comparison with its Master Grade Ver. Ka equivalence:

Amazingly, the proportion design between the two versions is completely identical it seems. ^^ The overall appearance may be a bit different since only the HGUC version has panel line details, but they look pretty much the same, especially from the two side-by-side images shown above. ^^

Comparison with Sinanju in the same Gunpla format:

Instead of a comparison, Sinanju's massive size is emphasized when paired with the Unicorn Mode it seems. ^^

And since that faithful first encounter in the OVA was mentioned earlier on, that famous scene between the Unicorn Mode and Sinanju is obligatory in this review. ^^

Sinanju Kick! ^^

With Geara Zulu:

With its predecessor design, Nu Gundam:

And finally, just for the fun of it, a comparison with the "ancestor" design of all Gundams: XD

The recently repaired HGUC Gundam RX-78-2. ^^

As a model kit on its own, I think the design of the Unicorn Mode is pretty good. For being the less favorable plain white version, the kit is able to realize the split armor details through clever part separation and intricate molded lines on most of the parts. The splits on the chest are great examples of the former, while the line details of the knee armor show off some of the best molded line details on this kit in my opinion. ^^

Articulation and action poses are just average for the kit I think. ^^; There's no special joint incorporated that would allow the Unicorn Mode to move more flexibly as compared to other High Grade kits or to execute certain special poses that are unique to it. ^^; Then again, this average treatment for the articulation can be observed on the Destroy Mode as well. ^^;

A look at how the Destroy Mode is able to make use of the Unicorn Mode's weapons and option parts next. ^^

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