Saturday, July 13, 2013

HG 1/144 Ali al-Saachez's Customized AEU Enact Custom Part 5

Super thin and slim

Finally, rolling out just the second Gunpla for this year after 1/48 scale Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base. ^^; It's a much deserved final assembly for HG 1/144 Ali al-Saachez's Customized AEU Enact Custom since the work on it was done since December last year. ^^;

I'll jump right into the work then. ^^

Parts of the arms.

Separable components of the arms before the final assembly.

Thea arms are completed.

Standard elbow articulation design.

Since there's no polycap for any of the joints on this kit, the elbow uses a simple hinge located on the upper arm to connect to the forearm. As the hinge itself is shaped to be completely the same as the elbow area on the forearm parts, the joint is well hidden when viewed from various angles. ^^

Ball-type joint for the wrists.
The gap in front of the hand units allows the latter to be bent inward for 90 degrees.

Parts of the legs.

Separable components of the legs before the final assembly.

The black sunken area around the knee armors, yellow rectangular spots beneath them, black areas beneath the heels and black vents above the thighs are details added to the leg parts in Part 3.

The leg's thinness can be considered a very unique feature of this kit. ^^

The design of the two connectors beneath the knee and shin part poking through the leg to become peg slots for the calf thruster part is quite creative. ^^ To make sure everything snaps together properly, the sequence of the parts' assembly must be followed.

Despite the thinness and unique assembly design, all the parts are connected well to give the leg a very rounded and smooth appearance. ^^

Done for the two legs.

The ankle joint can be extended slightly to enable a wide range of articulation for the leg.

Standard articulation design for the leg I would say, although the ability of the thin legs to perform all the action is quite interesting to see.

The heels can be hinged downward.

Parts of the waist.

(Left) The joint for the rear hip thruster is right beside that for the hip, and their bases are both of hinge type identical to that on the elbow shown earlier on.
(Right) The ball-type joints of the hips as seen from beneath the partially completed waist.

Done for the waist.

The black interior of the rear hip thrusters. ^^

A thin flap right behind the component can hinge upward/downward.

With the two legs completed earlier on.

AEU Enact Custom's lower body is done. ^^

The hip joints have to be slide further forward than their initial position on the individual completed component shown above so that they can be connected to the thighs properly.

Not shown earlier on, each half of the rear hip thrusters can be rotated upward/downward. The wings are completely fixed though.

Moving on to assembling the rest of the components in this kit next. ^^

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