Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Play Arts Kai Bayonetta Part 5 [Final]

Details & Elegance

The last posting for Play Arts Kai Bayonetta ^^

No problem for the knee touching the surface in kneeling pose with adjustment done to the ankle like that on Jeanne shown in Part 3.

These poses look good - as long as her back is not revealed. ^^;

Of course, the "obligatory" gathering of meganekkos in my collection: ^o^

Height comparison with Figma Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver. and Revoltech Fraulein Mari Illustrious Makinami reveals how tall this figure is as compared to regular character action figures. ^^

Twice the height of Miyuki! ^^

About the same height as her bespectacled friends when kneeling down. ^^

Comparison with Miyuki and Mari also shows the difference in terms of details between character done in CG and those from anime. Bayonetta's is comparable to an actual person; while Miyuki and Mari still retain their very anime-ish characteristics, especially their eyes. ^^ In their respective scales, when the pupils are so big you can see them behind the glasses the characters are wearing, they are probably a bit too big in human proportion. XD Following the anime standard however, they are just being normal ^^

I'll reserve my conclusive remarks for this action figure till tomorrow, in the last posting for Jeanne. ^^

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