Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set Part 3

Tsukasa x Ken, Miyuki x Crimson Viper

Time to bring on the last two figures from Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set after Kagami yesterday.

A few pieces of plastic wrappers to be detached from the figure before display.

Tsukasa x Ken ^^

Articulation wise, Tsukasa's design is pretty much the same as her sister Kagami, minus the twin pigtails on her head that is. ^^;

Her right arm is a little too short (or maybe it's her head that is a bit too big in this scale) to be able to perform the Shoryuken pose with any sense of "seriousness" XD

The Hiiragi sisters

With Konata.

Moving on to Miyuki next:

Plastic wrappers to be removed before display.

Miyuki x Crimson Viper

Miyuki has special joints (as compared to the other three) for her arms. Apart from the shoulder joints that are common to all four figures, ...

... both her elbows can be turned as well, to establish a close link between her and Crimson Viper I think, whose special attack moves are mostly from her fists.

Miyuki's glasses can be slightly adjusted as well, for whatever reason there may be. ^^;

Her ponytail braid can be flipped to the left or right as well. ^^

With her smile on, Miyuki seems more like dancing instead of fighting XD

Miyuki's design is my favorite out of the four, since I'm a big fan of that meganekko from "Lucky Star". ^^ But I'll save my conclusive remarks for the last posting of this review series coming up next, which will feature a gathering of all four figures in this set. ^^

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