Friday, February 8, 2013

BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant Set Part 7

Got to put in a little personal touch

Moving close to the end of the entire work on BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam and Kyoshin Elephant Set after the previous posting. ^^

The neck area of Moukaku Gundam is painted gray using Gaia Color 074 Neutral Gray IV.

Excessive gold paint on the body parts is scratched away using a knife, and panel lines are reapplied to complete the detailing work on the body parts. ^^

(Left) Due to its roundish shape, panel lining the chest jewel proves to be a rather troublesome thing to do. ^^;
(Right) Test fitting the painted parts to see how the torso would turn out when assembled.

Painted the hollow spot on the chest silver using Pilot Super Color Silver Extra Fine to improve on the jewel's appearance by giving it a shiny background. ^^
I can see a bit of the silver outline inside the jewel when it's test fitted onto the chest part. Not too outstanding, but better than nothing I suppose. ^^

The thruster area is molded together with the Moukaku Gundam's backpack. It's shown to be in black in the box side image

Painted the thruster area black using Gaia Color 022 Semi Gloss Black.

I'm pretty sure there are some spots deep inside the part that I missed, but since they won't be seen easily, I don't think I want to repaint the part anymore. ^^;

(Left) The interior of the two thrusters is painted gold using Gaia Metallic Color No. 122 Star Bright Gold.
(Right) Excessive gold paint on the mouth of the thrusters is covered up using normal black marker.

Picture taken with flash on - the gold interior of the thrusters looks pretty good. ^^

The small rectangular spot beneath the thrusters is just right for a small piece of metallic green foil sticker to give the part a bit of extra details. ^^
It's not shown on the completed model, but I don't see the harm of adding in this little personal touch of extra details. ^^

Panel lined the two skirt armor parts.

A bit of error in the paint work on Syukuyuu Gundam's front body part: the center-most "slot" on the blue cape part should be left in white. ^^;

The error is fixed by scratching away the blue paint thoroughly on the targeted spot.

The top portion of Moukaku Gundam's shoulder armor parts and Syukuyuu Gundam's skirt armor are painted white using White Surfacer from Mr. Hobby.

The parts are then painted over using Mr. Color No. 1 White Gloss to give them a glossy appearance that is more consistent with the non-painted area on the parts.

The frontal brim of Syukuyuu Gundam's helmet part (already painted back in Part 2) is given the same appended paint work to make all the parts painted in white in this kit a consistent look and feel. ^^

Panel lines added to Syukuyuu Gundam's skirt armor part when the white paint has dried.

Panel lined Moukaku Gundam's shoulder armor parts.

Excessive black paint beneath the parts done in the previous posting is scratched away using a pen knife.

Panel lines added to Syukuyuu Gundam's helmet parts.

Test fitting the parts to see how Syukuyuu Gundam's golden helmet component would turn out when assembled.

Some of the parts shown above, like Moukaku Gundam's body parts and Syukuyuu Gundam's helmet parts have been around since Part 2. ^^; I couldn't complete their detailing until now as the parts have other colors to be painted, one color at a time. I'm certainly glad that I can now close the curtain on these parts' overall work. ^^

A couple more parts to go before the curtain can be closed on the entire kit's work. ^^

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