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BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant Set Part 16

The first and the second

Another Gunpla-related review after the extra work on Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka shown in the last two postings. ^^ It's time to finish off the review series on BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, and Kyoshin Elephant Set, which was initiated all the back in January last year, with the assembly of Syukuyuu Gundam. ^^

I have to say, this review is very special (just to me XD), since Syukuyuu Gundam is the first female BB Senshi Sangokuden character to have her Gunpla version rolled out on this blog. ^^ The significance of that isn't exactly too bombastic in any way, because (1) there aren't many female characters from that Gundam universe to begin with, (2) the only other kit from this "category" that I have is Sonsoko Gerbera - two if the Shin version is counted as a separate kit. However, the feminine quality of the character does give the kit a couple of unique Gunpla design features, which separate her from all the other "normal" (male) kits from the same line. As someone who enjoy seeing special engineering features on Gunplas, I certainly look at Syukuyuu Gundam as a special kit for some of her unique designs. ^^

All the paper boxes containing parts for Syukuyuu Gundam, and the foil sticker sheet.

For her smaller overall size, there's no armor on/off feature for Syukuyuu Gundam. All the parts shown here are for the entire model. ^^

(Left) A tiny hole behind each of the upper arm pegs allows one to identify which side the part belongs to. As the hole is meant to be positioned to the back on the completed kit, the image shows (from left to right) the right, and left arms.
(Right) The two characters that form Syukuyuu Gundam's name have been split between the two feet due to the small size of the parts. She's designed to be weaing high heels, so there's little space on each sole to show off her entire name. ^^

Comparing Syukuyuu Gundam's fist to that of Kongouyaka (left in the first image), and Moukaku Gundam (center, left in the second image). The size difference between the parts can be spotted quite easily. ^^

Foil stickers are used for the eyes on the two face parts, as well as the forehead sensor area on the front helmet part.

All major separable components.
The jewel to be fitted behind the helmet was already assembled in Part 14 as it was needed for Kongouyaka's Kongou Ashura Armor configuration.

Not using the regular tri-slot polycap for the waist, Syukuyuu Gundam uses a single ball-type polycap instead. Apart from enabling the waist articulation, the polycap also doubles as a "lock" to secure the lower body beneath the skirt armor to the latter.

Oddly, a limit has been "imposed" on the waist's articulation range. ^^; Controlled by a peg beneath the waist (the unpainted small tab in the image above), the upper body's side-to-side swivel only goes as much as the arc above the skirt armor allows it to.

The somewhat limited waist swivel as mentioned above.

The two slots on the back can be used to mount Syukuyuu Gundam's scimitars, Rasatsuhishourin.
The formation of wing-like appendages from the two scimitars is quite interesting to see. ^^

A peek at the chin of Syukuyuu Gundam's special Bishamon Mandala (毘沙門曼陀羅) mode face part from beneath the helmet. ^^

(Left) Via a pair of ball-type joints, the two large hair pieces can be positioned close to one another to form a cape for the Gundam. ^^
(Right) Officially, the hair pieces are to be split, and tilted slightly to the back.

All done for Syukuyuu Gundam. ^^

Quite a number of leftover pieces on the entire foil sticker sheets after the completion of all three kits. ^^

More images of the completed model:

Closeups on the details:





A pretty interesting little BB Senshi kit this is, with "little" being in literal sense. ^^ Apart from the head, the reduction in size for the rest of the kit as compared to other kits from the same line can be seen very easily. The size factor came into play quite obviously during the assembly process. The unusually tiny one-piece shoulder armors are perhaps not as "outstanding" as the legs that feature shins smaller than the ball-type ankle joints! ^^ Because of the overall small size, the total lack of detachable armor parts is not an issue at all on Syukuyuu Gundam I think, especially when compared to Moukaku Gundam from this bundled set, since the latter, which can be classified as one of those "normal" kits as mentioned at the beginning of this posting doesn't come with many detachable armors to begin with. ^^

The absence of detachable armors on Shukuyuu Gundam is one of her unique features, but in terms of significance, it's perhaps not as special as her waist design, which is definitely interesting, but somewhat perplexing at the same time. ^^; Separate ball-type polycaps are incorporated for the waist and hips, as opposed to the usual tri-slot piece stuck between the front and rear skirt armor part on other kits from the same line. I can understand that this part separation design is to cater to the one-piece part design of Shukuyuu Gundam's skirt armor, which ties in with the overall small size of the kit. As a result of that, the polycap's assembly design is different, but not entirely special, since the limbs are capable of the exact same articulation range as those on the other kits anyway. The "limit" put on the waist swivel as highlighted during the assembly process shown just now however, is an odd feature to me. ^^; What's the exact purpose of said limit when the waist swivel range bears no special significant on other features of the kit - it's not as if Shukuyuu Gundam herself is transformable, and the limit is there to hold her Gundam form. Why wasn't it implemented on other regular releases from the same line? Moukaku Gundam in the same bundled set doesn't have this feature. Why does Moukaku Gundam get to turn his waist as much as her likes, while Shukuyuu Gundam was designed to be limited for the same motion? These are the doubts I have about that "special feature" when I first spotted it during the assembly process, and it still puzzles me now as I'm writing this review. ^^;

For the kit itself, I do like the color scheme very much. ^^ The design is pretty simple, but manages to blend minute emblem details, shiny golden parts (a feature I like very much ^^), plus "homages" to Nobel Gundam's features well. Given my obsession with shiny golden parts, the giant V-fin and rear hair pieces are definitely lovely on this kit. ^^ For that, I definitely appreciate that they are designed as single-piece part each. Their size allow the the shininess of Gaia Metallic Color No. 122 Star Bright Gold (painted in Part 2) to pop on the completed kit. ^^

Some action poses, weapon configuration, and form change for Shukuyuu Gundam coming up in the next posting. ^^

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