Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nendoroid Takara Miyuki Part 3 [Final]

A mini Figma

The last part of my review on Nendoroid Miyuki, starting with more images of her first. ^^

Swapping the arm is just as simple as removing it at the shoulder portion.

Miyuki's usual pose. ^^

Swapping the face expression is very easy as well, thanks to the really big head. XD

"D" engraved on the interior of the front hair part, not sure for what reason.
The character indication is also available on the skirt.

As with the Figma version (winter fuku ver.), the glasses are non-removable. ^^;

The design of all the parts is very similar to the Figma version as well, except that the neck joint beneath the face part itself, not on the rear hair part.

The two option face parts available, which allows you to change Miyuki's mood from :) to ?

The school bag and the special hand unit to hold it.

A lot of possibilities for Miyuki's poses by combining between different face expressions and option parts for the arms and hands.

"Welcome to the club of unfortunate people with frequent dentist visits and those who can't open their eyes under water." XD

Miyuki's Mystery I: Invisible Sitting Miyuki
To sit on the chair included, the extra skirt (Miyuki's waist actually) and the two leg parts are required.
It's basically to swap Miyuki's upper body onto the 'new' lower body. ^^

Miyuki's hair is actually causing the figure to tilt to the back when on the chair.
Tells you how imbalance the weight distribution between the body and her hair. ^^;

Miyuki's Mystery II: Invisible Standing Miyuki

A comparison with the Figma version:

The Nendoroid version might seems smaller in size, the box isn't.
It's a matter who following each others' standards in packaging I suppose.

Both has the same face part for the smiling expression, and the Nendoroid version explicitly comes with the arm part to show Miyuki's signature pose. ^^

Not exactly meant to be so, but bigger Miyuki can sit on smaller Miyuki's chair. ^^

For some time in the past, I used to think that Good Smile Company is working closely with Max Factory for their release in the Nendoroid and Figma series respectively. For certain occasions, when a Figma was released, the Nendoroid version was out not long after that as well. I got that feeling looking at the releases from "Lucky Star", "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha", "Canaan", Drossel and the more recent "K-On!". The design between the characters isn't too far apart as well.

At the same time, it could be complimenting the figurine release by Good Smile Company itself. The example which made me believe it that is Saber Lily - just one month difference between the figurine and Nendoroid figure's release date. ^^

Anyway, I have nothing against it. Different versions give you different options to pick from for a character you like. If you don't like the fixed pose figurine, you can go for the action figure from Figma, and if you want an upgraded version in terms of cuteness, you can get the Nendoroid version. ^^

Most of the time, price is one major factor in deciding which version to get as well. ^^;

Comparison with BB Senshi Destiny and Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi.
I would say they are just about the same size.

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Evaritus Lau said...

Looks like I also kena Nendo fever already now.........

L said...

Real fans get both!!

Although I mostly get Nendos cuz they are more fun and cuter.