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Gashapon MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 3 Part 2

Lunamaria Hawke

A cutie to start off the month of September for this blog. ^^

A "returning" cutie I should add, since this is the so-many-I-can't-really-remember-time of her appearance on this blog: Lunamaria Hawke. ^^

This is the second figurine from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 3 gashapon set to be featured in this review series, after Flay. This particular figurine can be considered special in the entire gashapon set given her kneeling pose, ^^ which amazingly, seems to be based on the character illustration on the box art of 1/100 scale Lunamaria Hawke's Customized Gunner Zaku Warrior. ^^

Not entirely the same, just very similar. ^^

(Left) Box art illustration of Lunamaria is cropped from Hobby Search.
(Right) Box image of the gashapon figurine is from this previous posting.

When I first saw the figurine's image on its the gashapon's box, I instantly recognized the connection it has with the Gunpla kit's box illustration. ^^ That unique similarity makes this particular figurine of Lunamaria stands out among all the other versions I have in my collection. ^^

Still, I think the box illustration of her with one closed eye is infinitely cuter. ^o^

A little bit of assembly required, as the figurine is being separated into a few parts.

No display base is included for this figurine (for obvious reason I suppose XD)

More images of Lunamaria Hawke: ^^

Closeups on the details: ^^

The head can be turned to the sides to adjust Lunamria's viewpoints for a little bit of change in angle of display.

Like Flay, there's no extra part included to give Lunamaria additional display options. ^^; Then again, just like Flay as well, the mini skirt is a separate part that can indeed be separated from the figurine to display Lunamaria in her "wardrobe malfunctioning" mode. XD

Another figurine of Lunamaria in my collection, which I like just as much as the others. ^^ The kneeling pose that is very similar to the Gunpla kit character illustration as mentioned at the beginning of this posting is very special, and I really like how the detailing made her look a lot more cheerful as compared to the box image. ^^ Maybe it's just angle of display or picture clarity that made her look just average in the box image, but I'm glad that isn't the case with the actual figurine. ^^ In gashapon scale and just in terms of the expression design, I do like this particular version more than all the other previously reviewed figurines. ^^

Given the similarity between this figurine and the Gunpla kit character illustration, it's kind of a shame that I don't have 1/100 scale Lunamaria Hawke's Customized Gunner Zaku Warrior to display with it. ^^; Nor does it really matter since the kit won't be assembled at this point anyway. ^^; Master Grade Force Impulse Gundam would have to do at this point I guess. ^^;

Also, a "compulsory" gathering of various Lunamaria in gashapon format from my collection: ^^

With Type A and B from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7. ^^

With the smiling version from HGIF Gundam Character 3 Vol Gundam SEED Destiny and the "special" standing pose version from MS Gundam Seed Destiny EF Collection 5. ^^

Lastly, a comparison between this figurine and the standing Flay: ^^

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