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Transformers Alternity Megatron Blade Silver Part 1

Samurai Megatron

Another car-type Transformers review after "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Deluxe Class Bumblebee almost exactly a month ago, and this guy is no doubt one of my most favorite Transformers figure in my entire collection. ^^

Released by Takara Tomy in June 2009, this is Nissan Fairlady Z - Megatron from the now defunct Alternity series. In his most classic silver color scheme (labeled as Blade Silver for its name), and with the product code of A-02, its status as the second release in the entire series is obvious from a mile away. ^^ Unfortunately for Megatron, he has to come second, since the pilot release candidate for a new Transformers toy line is usually Convoy/Optimus Prime. ^^; Also, much like Convoy having an alternate color variation (Ultimate Metal Silver) that was released together with its main model (Vibrant Red) for this Alternity line, this version of Megatron has a blue variation, "majestically" called Premium Lemans Blue, ^^ which came out at the same time as the main model. And like Convoy again, there were many other variations that followed suit. ^^ The Diamond Black version was more or less released as the counterpart for Convoy Super Black Ver. The fourth release off this Megatron mold (that I know of) was the Galvanize Purple Galvatron variation, which was a Takara Tomy Mall limited release that came out in September 2012. While the color scheme is most certainly true to represent Galvatron, it really is just a purple Megatron, as there's no new head mold made for Galvatron - the crown is just painted details on the same Megatron head. ^^;

Like the original Vibrant Red version of Convoy in this Alternity series, this Blade Silver version of Megatron was the most sought-after, therefore most difficult to get variation of the model. The former was so difficult to get I eventually settled for the counterpart for the Super Black variation, which I have an interest for. For Megatron however, this Blade Silver version is the only one I like, so I held out and continued my search for it, even though there was a "boom" of the Diamond Black version in the market at one point after it was released in October 2009. There were so many of that models many stores I usually go to for my hobby stuff had to put them on sales. ^^; I suppose a black, red, and gold deco just wasn't appealing enough to represent the Decepticon boss to entice folks to get that variation. I certainly had that belief as well. Even though I missed out on the original model, and could have go for that variation as my replacement, but I didn't. ^^

Eventually, I managed to get a brand new version of this Megatron from a local eBay seller in December 2011, so it was a happy ending to the long search. ^^

I have mixed reasons to like this incarnation of Megatron actually. The aforementioned classic color scheme is one of them, and I really like the sculpture of the helmet. ^^ As with the color scheme, it's an instant, distinctive feature that makes the robot recognizable as Megatron. While I still prefer Megatron with a huge blaster, I kind of like the overall Samurai image with twin swords designed for this Megatron. Unlike the helmet, that oriental warrior design doesn't match the character's original image at all, but it's quite appealing in its own right. On top of all those factors, the vehicle mode, Nissan Fairlady Z is one of my favorite car designs. ^^ I've seen one in this exact color scheme at my workplace a couple of times in the past, one which I dubbed as Megatron because of this Alternity model. ^^ It's just a really cool, beautiful car. ^^

On a related note, for very similar reason, I also call a metallic red Suzuki Swift that an acquaintance of mine is currently driving Cliffjumper. ^^

Front view of the box.

A wide section of the car can be seen from the front view of the box.
The visible gap between the hood, fender, and door is already there before the box is opened. It's an indication of how tight the tolerance is for the different components tucked inside the car after robot to vehicle mode transformation. ^^;

The elegant embossed emblem of the product series on the plastic tray that holds the car.

The illustration of Megatron on the right side of the front cover.

Closer look at the car through the front window.

Simple design on all sides of the box.
The Decepticons are also known as Destron in Japan.

The full name of this model is shown on left hand side of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Comparison with the box of Convoy Super Black Ver. from the same product series:

The similarities in all aspects of the box design, including even the poses of the box art illustration, placements of elements and images used for the intro on the back certainly pitted Convoy/Optimus Prime against Megatron to form an eternal rivalry in this series. ^^

Box open.

A label indicating 5 TF Points on the top flap.
I've no idea what the points are for, but I think they are already expired at this point, given that the Alternity line has been discontinued. ^^;

The neatly folded instruction sheet on Megatron's transformation is sealed inside a plastic bag.

Just one page for the entire transformation process.

Based on my experience with the first transformation attempt on Convoy Super Black Ver., some of the steps on Megatron are going to be just as confusing to follow. ^^;

Just one row for robot to vehicle mode transformation instruction. ^^;

The other page of the transformation sheet introduces the technical specifications of Megatron, and reveal other information about the character.

The backstory of this incarnation of Megatron is also revealed I think, but I can't tell for sure since I don't read Japanese.
The Premium Lemans Blue variation is shown in one of the illustrated panel it seems.

Technical data of Megatron.
Why is his firepower (火力) 8 when his main weapon is a pair of katana? ^^

Introduction of Nissan Fairlady Z.

The content of this Transformers figure.

The paper tray features the same kind of design as that included for Convoy Super Black Ver., with the exception of the cut-out on the right hand side. It's a Decepticon logo for Megatron, and (obviously) an Autobot for Convoy.

Very compact and precise plastic tray encapsulating the car. ^^

Unboxing the car.

Straight-out-of-box display of Transformers Alternity Megatron.

The really nice metallic silver paint work of the figure can be seen right away. ^^

More images of the vehicle mode in the next posting. ^^

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