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Sega Prize PM Figure Mari (Ver 1.5)

Expanding my Maki-army

Cutie of the month! ^^

Sega Prize PM Figure Mari (Ver 1.5)
Production company: SegaPrize!
Release date: Late April 2013
Price: -
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A break from the focus on mecha-type reviews this month with this lovely prize item. ^^ The fourth member of my  family  fa-Mari, ^^ after the Revoltech Fraulein, RAH, and Figma versions, this is the prize item figurine of Mari Illustrious Makinami from SegaPrize!. This is the first fixed figurine version of Mari in my collection, and it's actually the first release by SegaPrize! that I got as well. ^^

This figurine was a totally unexpected purchase for me. ^^ The item is primarily meant to be picked up (literally ^^) through UFO machines in gaming arcades I assume, so there's very little information about it before, and even after its release. ^^ For that reason, this is a figurine that popped up suddenly on a local hobby website that I visit frequently as a ready stock. ^^ Since it's technically a prize item, not a completed PVC figurine, its price is actually very affordable. ^^ For that matter, I certainly didn't ponder too long before deciding on getting it. ^^

Front view of the box.

(Left) Very simple label showing the character's name, and the movie she originated from.
(Right) An emblem showing this is a prize item that adheres to the standards set by Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association, Inc (JAMMA).

Left and right side views of the box, which feature identical NERV logo design.

Product info on the back of the box.

A NERV logo can be seen on the top side of the box, while a SEELE sits on the bottom face.

The figurine can be seen very clearly through the front window.

Closeups on the details:





Comparison with the 1/6 scale RAH version of the same character:

The face sculpt of this prize item gives it a younger appearance as compared to the 1/6 scale RAH version's depiction I think. ^^

Comparison with a PVC figurine:

With RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke.

Lunamaria's box is shorter, but does feature a more elaborate design, with its side windows, and character illustrations.

Evidently, this prize item is smaller than the 1/6 scale RAH version, but is bigger than RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke, which is of 1/8 scale. So, its scale should be roughly 1/7 I suppose. ^^

Also, this RAH is not the same as that RAH. XD RAH (Real Action Heroes) Mari is from Medicom Toy, while RAH (Robot Anime Heroines) DX Lunamaria Hawke is made by Megahouse. ^^

As a really, really casual figurine collector, I don't separate between PVC figurines, prize items, or even gashapons. I think good designs, and beautiful details can be appreciated regardless of the figurines' size or product specification. ^^ For this version of Mari, some of its more delicate parts like the hair, and glasses don't seemed as detailed as those on the 1/6 scale version from Max Factory; and its display base is most certainlty not as extravegant as that from Kotobukiya's 1/6 scale version, ^^; but overall, it's actually a very good figurine. ^^ It's fairly large for a prize item, the face sculpt and detailing gives it a close resemblance to the character, the pose is cute, and the box containing it, while being very simple in design, does feature a front window that allows Mari to be seen, and displayed without being removed from the box. Balancing those positive points with this prize item's price tag, it's a really pleasant bargain. ^^

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Sega Prize PM Figure Mari (Ver 1.5)

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