Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ngeekhiong Goes Ex

Ex means Extra. It can also means Enough, not (X) for Ngeekhiong. ^^;

From many emails I received, many asked me if I have stop building Gunplas, as it's now more than one year since I last reviewed on a particular Gunpla. The answer is NO. On and off, I've been working on a few Gunplas here and there, but never to the point of finishing each of them. In Plamo Review 30: BB Senshi Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi posted on Ngeekhiong, it would seem that I've just finished the little fella very recently, but in fact, I started the work on painting many of its parts back in May 2008 ^^;

Yes, thanks. I'm glad there's no cobweb inside the box when I pulled it our for the final assembly too. XD

After Shiba-I, I stopped for quite a long period because I was focused on fulfilling the many pending wish list items I had at that time. Buying Gunplas, stocking them up and taking them out was really fun. On top of MG Unicorn, Destiny, 1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh, 1/100 Kyrios and a few others at hand at that time (May), many other kits started appearing in my collection, like MG Char's Gelgoog Ver. 2.0, Crossbone Full Cloth, 1/100 Exia, Dynames, to the most recent MG Force Impulse, Infinite Justice, 1/100 Zaku Warrior + Blaze & Gunner Wizard Packs, and a few others.

My hands are too itchy for some Gunpla action already XD

Another reason is to split up the reviews of each kit so that more information about them can be covered. In the past, the longest review I did was on MG Strike Freedom and Acguy, each has four parts. However, most of the reviews were done after I've completed each kit, after which I did a roll-back and commented on how I did the painting here, stuff to look out for there, etc base by recalling from the pictures I took.

So, how much information I covered for each kit really depends NOT on how many pictures I took, but how much I could recall about what I wanted to say when taking a particular picture ^^;

In real life, building a particular Gunpla in one-go is not how I would do it actually. One cannot really concentrate on completing a kit. In the process, other tasks come along and your model gets to stand on one leg for one or two weeks before you get back to him; and then come your favorite figurine and your Gunpla gets put off for a while again. I don't know about you, but that's my experience.

So, with Ngeekhing Ex, I would like to start on a new way in reviewing my Gunpla work: progressional updates on what I did instead of everything in one lump sum (or a lump sum split into a few parts). Review on an MG kit would be more, because there are more parts, and I need more time in the process, and there are more details to cover for each part as well.

What will happen to Ngeekhiong? Is it ending? No it will not. It will remain as it is right now. While that is a site providing news on Gundam and others, Ngeekhiong Ex will be about how I react to some of the news, especially in regards to Gunpla releases.

Can't be saying, "Oh I want that kit badly." but not getting it right? When I say I want it, most of times, I do mean it. ^^

Like most other blogs, after a while, you'll be able to see how this blog works. ^^


justpassingby said...

I'm subscribing this :D
looking forward to your posts

Anonymous said...

do you use handphone to take those pictures?

HathawayNoa said...

Looking forward to more reviews from you, you're the only blogger I've found with reviews in English XD

mendagu said...

good luck on your new blog! I also looking forward to your review!!:D

kiralys said...

Well, Crossbone Fullcloth is really cool, but its damn fragile after you try to pose it. and the preciding armors sort of limit the action. Still a great kit overall. The corefighter was certainlt one of its kind!!!

iron2000 said...

Congrats on launching Ngee Khiong Ex!!

Lance said...

That means you got double work to do XD

Q said...

"Maybe I should start on the ones I have at hand since don't-know-when XD"

Hahaha now looking back at this sentence I see why you've got this XD Congrats on the new blog, and get started on the one you've just received! XD

Anonymous said...

Hello, what's that kamen rider at the end of the post?
Is that S.I.C. version of Kamen Rider Blade King form?
That's very cool!