Monday, January 12, 2009

Cubeecraft Sinanju

As promised, the "production notes" of my Cubeecraft Sinanju XD

Just two sheets of papers are needed for all the parts. The one on top includes parts for the head, body, legs and arms, while the other one has the blade antenna, shoulder armors, all waist armors, backpack and rifle. Thicker printing paper is recommended, for easier folding and so that it's strong enough to hold the shape of the completed Cubeecraft. Mine was 160gsm.

Cubeecraft requires no glue, that's true. But for someone who would use cement on snap-fit Gunplas, I was planning on using glue and tape right from the start. Just to make sure there won't be any split between the folding (same reason for my Gunplas). That's another reason why I opt not to use my Bubble Jet printer at home: I'm worried that the ink might come off if I use spilled over glue. Unfortunately the printer at my workplace is in mono-tone.

Anyway, print everything out, and cut out all the pieces like the art work you did back in primary school.

Because they are in black and white, which doesn't do any justice to Sinanju's red color scheme, I did some painting on the golden emblems, to make them stand out a bit.

Painted the mono-eye camera as well.

The secret of Cubeecraft paper crafts is the folding edges and insertion slits for all parts.

The instruction given (comes along on the template) said that you gave to cut away all the white slits (see picture above), but that really depends on the thickness of the paper you are using. The slits are about 0.5mm wide. Small, but still quite wide for my 160gsm paper. So I just make a slit for every insertion point, without cutting out all white parts that is.

There are numbering on the folding edges and insertion slits. Just fold the pieces and match them to their corresponding numbers, and you will get the shape.

Those folding edges and insertion slits would be enclosed after you get the shape. The numberings would be concealed as well. Nice ^^

Just like Gunplas with no parting lines XD

Without glue, a few folding edges would constantly pop out and remain so. Since there's no point opening them in the future, I just apply glue and seal all the edges for good. This has to do with the paper you choose to use I think. A much thicker paper would give you less problem on this.

After two hours of cutting and folding,

All parts for Sinanju are done for the final assembly ^^

Golden emblems, I like ^^

Movable backpack thrusters? I have them too XD

Will talk about Unicorn soon.

* Notes: Got the words from Bryan, the templates for these Cubeecraft Sinanju (as well as Unicorn) will be uploaded. Check Cubeecraft's website for updates ^^

Several other Cubeecrafts designed by Bryan. Click for larger view:

Photos sent to me from him. Thanks ^^


Anonymous said...

ah, i eagerly await these mecha designs to show up on cubeecraft. Thanks for the heads up :)

iron2000 said...

The EVAs and those ZoE(?) ones are on the site already I think.

You you feel artsy, you can grab the template from the site and design your own.

mendagu said...

waa you assemble papercrafts too!! I really enjoy assembling them!!

Lance said...

Izint Shinanju suppose to be red in colour? XD

Chris said...

But a black "custom" Sinanju is nice too!! XD

Martin said...

Me I like the Shin Musha... But I just fold Cranes at work...