Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Have Sinanju Too

Ya, that's right! I got my Sinanju already.

As a matter of fact, my Sinanju arrived months before the MG was announced. ^^


Introducing: Cubeecraft Sinanju

Cubeecraft is a form of paper craft. While most other paper models try to resemble the actually character which they were being designed after, Cubeecraft is the deformed, boxy version. You might think the design is easy, but unlike other papercrafts, you need NO glue for Cubeecraft models.

That's right, it's like snap-fit Gunpla if you ask me XD

And Unicorn too ^^

They are in black & white, because I printed them at work.

Sheeeesh.... Don't tell my boss, else he'll jealous about them (just kidding XD)

I did painted several parts later on though.

These two Cubeecrafts were designed by Bryan Lie, and were sent to me last October, in which I'm terribly sorry to him, because I only did it just recently (late for two months). ^^;

Will talk about the details soon.

That's the picture of an unknown cat in Singapore I took in Singapore three years back. I wonder how he's doing ^^


jonathanNG said...

is it possible dat u upload the design here? love that sinanju ^^

Ngee Khiong said...


Actually me and Bryan agreed not to upload the templates for these two Cubeecraft designs. Sorry ^^; The designs belonged to Bryan, so maybe you can email him, introduce yourself and ask for them? Bryan's contact can be found on his website.

I'll ask him if it's OK for me to show his contact on my blog ^^

jonathanNG said...

it's okay then thanks neway =]

iron2000 said...

Not going to be uploaded?

I was thinking that they will be eventually up on the Cubeecraft page.

After those Figma papercrafts come these Cubeecrafts. Got to make me me some of those from the site.

So cute. :P

K'elvin said...
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K'elvin said...

=_=" i tot u rlly got the real sinanju from kch...make me happy nia haha

Q said...

lol you've pretty much tricked most of the readers here XD

Ngee Khiong said...


That's the intention. Hehe (evil grins XD)

GunStray(Mikee) said...

Cubee crafts used to be my old profession,Its very easy except its an ink eater-_-;