Saturday, January 31, 2009

Binal-Tech BT-22 Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10 Part 1

Got this last November.

Blogged about this Convoy quite a long time ago, although it's not of the same product series: Kiss Players vs Binal-Tech, the design of Convoy is the same, with the exclusion of the surf board and the figurine of course.

I always wanted this Binal-Tech. Apart from the love for Convoy/Optimus Prime, the entirely red paint scheme is an unbeatable attraction for me. The normal price is around RM190, but I got this for less than RM140, brand new too!

I'm not sure if the shop got it at a lower price than everyone else, and sold it so, or maybe they priced it wrongly. But it's a great bargain for me.

And of course I made sure it's genuine stuff and for any defect for the price difference before paying. And everything was OK! ^^

It's a real beauty!!

The glossy paint scheme is just awesome, plus details everywhere.

The most impressive part about Binal-Tech design is just how beautiful the vehicle mode can be. For Convoy, it's almost impossible to tell that it's a Transformers action figure at first glance. All the transformable parts are concealed perfectly.

The details are not just limited to the exterior, but there are plenty of things to see inside the truck as well. You can open the doors, and see the steering wheel, meter panel, gear and other details. I'm not sure if other car models are as rich as Convoy in terms of these interior details.

Most of Convoy's features can be seen beneath the vehicle, and one can pretty much guess how he's going to transform too ^^

Crest of the car's brand, and the names are printed nicely.

Metallic rim.

The bonnet can be opened, revealing the top of the engine (transformable into Convoy's pistol).
But after it's out, I have no idea of how to put it back again. XD

Details inside the car ^^

The doors of the cargo bed can be opened as well.

Comes with a paper display base, just the perfect size to display this pickup truck.

Has clear plastic for the front and rear windshield, but no windows on the doors though. That's not an entirely bad thing, as opening the doors is definitely easier without the windows.


Binal-Tech Dodge Ram SRT-10...

... actual Dodge Ram SRT-10
Image from DragTimes Dotcom.

Cool eh~ ^^

Part 2: Transformation coming soon


Mendagu said...

Very nice details!!BTW,where did you buy this??

Ngee Khiong said...


Got this from the toy store in The Spring last year.