Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The All Exia Project Part 7

Commercial break

Not quite a progress report on my All Exia Project, but a display of more parts to be painted after Part 6 instead. ^^;

HG Exia will be in the limelight today ^^

But before that, a few more parts I left in Part 6:

The base for Exia and Avalanche Exia. There are two types given for the later, can you spot the difference? ^^

A little hexagon-shaped vernier on top of the base needs to be painted in white. I painted the first layer as shown, as with the one for 1/144 Exia as well.

More work for my Gundam Marker Gray: ^^;

Front skirt armor and upper arm,

The split between the thigh armor, and the mecha part for the feet.
Unlike the bigger 1/100 scale equivalences, the pelvis joint is molded together with the thigh, so the pelvis armor becomes part of the project as well - as with the mecha part for the feet.

The split in the waist - done, pending for a round of scratching off the excess paint.

The chest piece - no more ring as seen in Part 6. ^^ The area to be painted around the GN Drive is wider as well.

GN Vulcan on the forearm - panel-lined the boundary before the actual paint job.

Will be showing you the full result for Part 6 and today's review in the next round of update.


Q said...

Are you gonna split the front skirt into two?

Ngee Khiong said...


Oh yes, will cut it into two since the joint is already designed to have such feature.

Although it's really tempting to just snap it XD