Sunday, August 9, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 8

Saving the excitement 1 ^^

Assembling the inner frame of body components that can't be put together yet, to save the excitement of putting everything together for later ^^


Parts of the right arm.

Rather standard articulation range for the elbow, but it will be reduced a bit when the armors are up I believe.

Complete mirror for the left arm.

A significantly thin upper arm as compared to MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. OYW, very obvious to notice even when the armor is not on yet.

[Shoulder Armors]

A one-piece part for each shoulder armor, with the other parts assembled onto it.

[Waist & pelvis joint]

The component with the most parts for this review.

The pelvis joints can be inserted into the waist, but the two rocket thrusters are to be assembled onto the rear skirt armors, not the waist itself.

Trying out the transformation gimmick of the waist. ^^

Very little details beneath the waist, a very significant difference as compared to other MGs.

Omitting all the gimmicks, the basic design of the waist looks very similar to that of Gundam RX-78-2 - the length of the groin, front and side skirt are of similar proportion.

Keeping the tips of the Psycho Frame that form the rocket thrusters' nozzle in its original color as I couldn't think of another appropriate alternate color ^^;


4 out of 8 thrusters of Unicorn are on its backpack.

With just the inner frame, only the opening of the two extra thrusters can be shown. The base of the beam sabers are to be inserted into the exterior hatch of the backpack.

For the consistent feel of all 4 thrusters when transformed I believe, you can't adjust their position as you can for Gundam RX-78-2 and others.

Assembling the inner frame of the other components in the next review. ^^

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Anonymous said...

Yo NK, I wen't the full way and just made the cylinders + the inside gold. and it look's quite nice. check it out.